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Take a Daycation

By Rosie Valentine


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Sometimes you just need to get away! Vacations offer couples the opportunity to escape the stress of day-to-day life and focus on each other. No matter the destination, visiting somewhere new is always exciting and exploring that place with your partner can be a great bonding experience. But extended vacations are also hard to come by - they’re expensive and require time off from work and a great deal of planning. So what’s the next best thing that you can do to recharge yourselves and your relationship?

Get creative and take your partner on a much-needed “daycation”!

Exactly what it sounds like, the concept of a daycation is a day-long vacation. It’s much more than the average day trip! A daycation should be planned as thoughtfully as you would if you were far from home. Choose a nearby place neither you nor your partner has ever been and start the day early! Eat all your meals out, planning which restaurants you’ll dine at ahead of time. Look at online travel guides to decide which attractions to visit and road maps to plan the most scenic routes there. Leave your phones and tablets at home and have a wonderful day away!


  • Transportation
  • Money
  • Comfortable Shoes & Clothing
  • Camera
  • Driving Music
  • Map
  • Travel Guide
  • Sun Protection
  • Picnic Blanket & Basket (optional)
  • Snacks and Drinks


  1. Choose a destination! Study regional travel guides to find a beautiful or interesting place you’ve never been and then check online reviews of its main attractions. If the reviews are positive and the place appeals to both of you, begin planning your daycation! Tip: Find a location that is a maximum 90 minutes - 2 hours drive away. Any further and you’ll spend too much time on the road!
  2. Start planning. Remember, you’re already saving bucketfuls of money by not staying overnight, so don’t skimp too much on your plans. Read restaurant reviews before you go and make reservations whenever possible, especially for dinner. Plan to stop for breakfast on the way and consider having a picnic lunch! If it’s spring or summer, there are bound to be plenty of farmstands along the way. Prepay for timed entrance tickets to any museums or other events you plan to attend. Enjoy the theatre, opera or ballet? Make your day that much more memorable by booking a show to see before you go!
  3. Pack. While you won’t need a full change of clothes, it would be smart to bring a rain jacket, umbrella and extra top layer in case of inclement or chilly weather. Take a camera and/or binoculars to record the day, as well as cash. As you’ll likely do a lot of walking, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Driving music is key to any good roadtrip, as is a clean car and a road map or GPS navigation system. Lastly, leave any pets at home. You’ll want to have full freedom to explore wherever the day takes you!
  4. Have fun! Hold hands with your partner, be open-minded about anything they’d like to see or do, talk and kiss them often and you’ll go to sleep that night feeling revitalised.

Date Tip

Leave your mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices at home and fully immerse yourself in relaxing with your partner!
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