Date idea:

Bed Date

By Rosie Valentine


 All Day 





One of the best dates you ever have could be spent without leaving the bed! If you’re celebrating a special occasion or your partner has been feeling stressed, tired or overworked, surprise them by planning a very special day in. Pamper them with breakfast in bed, a long massage and their favorite movies, magazines and foods all day long! Whether you read together, play games, nap or talk, it will be a romantic, restful day and your sweet gesture will be appreciated!


  • Pajamas
  • Breakfast
  • Flowers
  • Books, magazines, and/or the morning paper
  • Favorite Snacks & Drinks
  • Movies


  1. Think of everything your partner loves to do on a lazy day in but rarely has the time for and prepare them ahead of time. Which movies do they like to watch over and over? Do they have any favorite magazines? Is there a book they’ve been meaning to finish (or start), but haven’t had the time? What is their favorite breakfast?
  2. Start their day with a romantic breakfast in bed for two. Serve their favorite breakfast foods with fresh squeezed juice on a tray with a card and flower. To make it even more special, prepare mimosas, pour some champagne or bring them a cup of their favorite coffee!
  3. After they eat breakfast, make sure they’re completely relaxed by giving them a long massage. If you use oil, draw them a bubble bath so that they can wash it off afterwards.
  4. Now that the mood has been set, ask what they’d like to do next. Take a nap together or watch one of their favorite movies. If you both like to read the morning paper, bring it to bed and swap sections while you snack on fresh fruits, cheese or bread.
  5. Go with the flow. If you can sense that they need some extra rest, leave them alone for awhile to nap or read. Likewise, if they want to help you with lunch, let them! This is meant to be a hassle-free day, so do whatever makes the two of you happy.

Date Tip

You can make the day as romantic and sensual or quiet and relaxed as you like. Play games together, talk or cuddle and kiss the hours away. The thought that you put into planning the day will be very much appreciated!
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