Date idea:

Go to a Ballgame

By Rosie Valentine


 4 - 5 Hours 




 4th July 

Tired of the same old date night? Pull on your sweatshirts and baseball hats and take them out to the ballgame!

Baseball is America’s national sport and its long history of Great Bambinos and epic rivalries lend it a special kind of nostalgia. And it’s a perfect day or evening out for any couple! Your partner should enjoy watching sports (at least a little), but it doesn’t matter if they’ve never been to a game before or aren’t die-hard fans. It doesn’t even matter which teams you watch! The great thing about baseball is that every team has its own traditions, songs, chants, weird superstitions and crazed fans, so you’ll be as entertained by what’s happening off the field as on it! Who knows, you might even become crazed fans yourselves.


  • Tickets
  • Seat Cushions or Warmers (optional)


  1. Buy tickets. This is a great date for any budget. You can book tickets to a minor or major league game, sit by the dugout or up in the nosebleed seats (where the atmosphere is often the best!), all you have to be is there! You can often find cheap last minute tickets online or buy them (for twice the price) at the ballpark. Look for websites selling tickets from season ticket holders. In terms of seating, the seats along the first and third baselines will give you the best view of the entire field, but the higher up you go, the less it matters! Just avoid buying tickets touted as having a “restricted view”.
  2. Games go ahead rain, shine or cold, so bundle up in layers, especially for evening games. Most fans bring rain gear or plastic ponchos along (they’re cheap and fold up easily!) and seat cushions and warmers are suggested if you normally become uncomfortable after sitting for long periods of time and in cold weather.
  3. Embrace the traditions! If this is your first time to a game, do some research beforehand on the teams and the stadium and you’ll find some fantastic baseball lore to entertain your date with before the game starts. Make sure to have some cash on you if you want to buy food or drinks (hot dogs, corn dogs, cracker jack and beer are traditional!) from the vendors and expect to be spilled on while doing the wave.

Date Tip

Prepare to sing along to classics like “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” during the seventh inning stretch.
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