Latin Dating in Canada

Meet Latin American and Hispanic Singles at WeLoveDates Latin. WeLoveDates Latin is the web’s destination for Latin, South American and Hispanic singles looking for love. Our online dating site is specifically designed to connect Latin and Hispanic singles with the date of their dreams, and the best part is it’s completely free to join!

5 Tips For Latin Dating

Unlike many other dating sites which cater to a global audience, WeLoveDates Latin is devoted to single Latin American and Hispanic singles and their admirers, which means you get to spend less time searching, and more time dating. Our goal is for each and every one of our members to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship with their soul-mate.


1. Learn some basic Spanish.

Even if your date speaks perfect English, chances are that members of their family or inner circle might not. Perfecting even the most basic phrases in Spanish (“hello, how are you, good bye, etc”) will show your date that you are serious about a relationship and not only that, but you’ll impress her family, which is always a good thing!


2. Don’t refer to her as a “hot tamale.”

Latina singles are routinely called a few things, namely: “feisty”, “spicy”, “caliente” or our favorite, a “hot tamale.” While your intentions might be to compliment, it will probably only cause the Latina in question to roll her eyes and throw away your number. Instead, compliment her on the things that you admire about her specifically, the things that make her unique.


3. Family is everything.

Latin singles in Canada are very close to their families, so it’s important to recognize and embrace this! You might meet your date’s entire family when you go pick her up for the first time! While it might catch you off guard, it’s completely normal in the Latin culture.


4. Get dancing!

While it’s a huge generalization that all Latins are born with great rhythm, we have to say that we’ve never meet one who didn’t know how to tear it up on the dance-floor! If you’ve got a date planned with a Latin man or woman, it might be in your best interest to practice your moves just in case! Make sure that you can keep up!


5. Latins are passionate about everything!

Latin singles are lead primarily by emotions, which means that they love hard, and fight hard. Try to maintain a clear head when having heated discussions, and don’t let your emotions get in the way. The benefit of this is when a Latin man or woman is interested in you, they won’t have any problem it all showing it!

Joining WeLoveDates Latin Dating and instantly connecting with our active community of Spanish and South American single men and women is fast, safe and easy, not to mention free! Simply create a profile, upload some photos and you’ll be well on your way to meeting other Latin and Hispanic singles you’re compatible with!