Physical Attraction Vs. Personality!

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Battle of the ‘P ‘ words!  According to our most recent dating infographic, 54% of you would pick physical attraction over a great personality (46%) when agreeing to a first date.  Normally, I’d be ranting and raving that we should look past physicality when dating-but this is a first date we are talking about.  And I would pick physical attraction, too.  Here is why…

1. Remember-FIRST DATE! 🙂 Ok.  Agreeing to meet someone in real life (IRL as the kids say) is a crapshoot regardless.  People don’t look like their pictures, and people who are dazzling on paper/email sometimes show up with the personality of a piece of cardboard…you really never know what you’re going to get, and I think it’s important that online daters manage their expectations upfront.  With that said, I’d rather be disappointed by someone’s appearance than their personality-which is why I am more likely to agree to go on a first date with the hottie vs the guy who writes amazingly witty emails.  We’ll get to the guy who writes amazing witty emails in a sec.  Bottom line-less chance of disappointment with the cute guy (well, the cute guy in photos, at least). 🙂

2. “The Cute Guy Who Writes Amazingly Witty Emails”…kiiiinda creeps me out.  Please don’t misunderstand-witty and intelligent are the KEYS to this girl’s heart.  There is nothing that gets me more hot and bothered than someone who is smarter than me.  What turns me off, and turns me off fast is the guy who sends extravagant, perfectly worded emails that are too revealing, too indepth, too makes me think that he is way more comfortable behind a computer screen than in the real world.  Now, I could be being totally judgemental-but as online daters, that’s what we do-judge from the get go.

HOWEVER!  If you are physically attractive in your photos, and just as handsome in real life-that is not enough to keep me interested.  You have to be the guy who could write amazingly witty emails.  You have to be more, much more, than just a pretty face.

Where do you stand?