How Long To Wait Between Dates!

By: Elizabeth Marie |

We’ve all been there right…you meet someone online in person, and it’s perfect!  They are even better looking than their profile picture, and just as charming, witty and intelligent.  The chemistry you were afraid would be left on the internet is definitely there in real life, and the sparks are flying.

You simply canNOT wait to see this person again. But how many days should you wait in between dates?As is the nature of online dating, you probably know a lot more about this person than you would someone you just met at the bar.  You’ve exchanged emails, perhaps have  had lengthy i.m and text conversations about your hopes, dreams, and fantasies.  You know where he grew up, what his favorite movies are and, if he was honest in his profile, exactly what kind of relationship he is looking for.

Even though you have only spent 5 hours or so with your date, you feel like you know them.  REALLY know them…and you really don’t, at least not yet.  A false sense of security can be misleading.  So before you go tearing down your online dating profile and picking out baby names-give it a day or 3.  See him again, yes.  Continue to learn about the other person, and slowly, step by step you will begin to see if this really is a perfect love match.  Don’t go cancelling all your plans for the week-stay busy, keep living your life, and hey…keep dating other people.  At least for now!

Life, and love happens organically-soon you might find yourself spending your every free night with your new man.  Don’t force it though…you don’t want your new love to burn out.  Imagine your new relationship is like a fire-you have to keep adding fuel to the flames…carefully, and slowly…so it builds! I understand that this analogy is horribly cheesy, and I do hope you forgive me-but if I do say myself, it is pretty spot on. 🙂

How many days would you wait between dates?