Looks vs Personality – Which Do You Prefer When Online Dating?

By: Lauren Cooke |

How often have you looked through your matches on a dating site, and ignored half of them purely based on their chosen profile image? It is so easy when dating online to judge – quickly, efficiently, and harshly. A bad photo can knock someone out of the ring before the fight has even started, in the same way that an unwisely chosen shirt can have them relegated to the great digital bin in the sky before they have had a chance to say “Corduroy with a velvet trim”.

Looks vs Personality
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What I am referring to, of course, is the eternal fight between looks and personality that happens day in day out on dating sites. It happens a little in real life, but online the chance for people to “grow” on us simply doesn’t happen, and it can in many ways been simply too easy to dismiss someone without even considering the fact that their profile neatly ticks everything that is important to you in a future partner.

So, which matters more?


Shallow it may be, but how a person looks is important to a relationship. Looks can have a lot to do with whether or not you fancy someone, and in my humble option having a crush on someone and getting that fabulous butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling is a vital part of any new relationship. Online dating is, in this respect, a great opportunity to sort out people of your particular type without having to feel guilty about it.

However, there is a downside. Looks say very little about whether a person is suitable for you. By all means use them as an indicator of whether or not you fancy someone, but don’t treat them as the be all or end all. Give the benefit of the doubt to people that you don’t have a visual problem with, because narrowing it down to just the Grecian hunks or sexy Sirens really reduces your chance of finding someone you get on with too.


All too often the personality of a person tends to fall by the wayside. Muscular arms or big boobs have a lot to answer for in distracting people from the characteristics of the person they are chatting with. However, someone’s outlooks, attitudes and hobbies can be of vital importance to whether a new relationship will go the distance, and after those first few months of toe-tingling chemistry having something to chat about will be vital.

And so, by all means judge someone on their looks. However, give a fair shot to their profile too, below the pictures. It is only here that you will discover the things that are important over months and years, and which will make the difference.

So which do you prioritise? Looks or Personality? Let us know in our online dating survey!