Does Age Matter When Dating?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

When you are dating someone…or looking to date anyone, as the case may be-we all have certain criteria we look for-location, interests, AGE.  This is an issue especially while online dating-all you have to do is a check a box and the magic of technology will only show you profiles of people in your chosen age range. But what if you are at Starbucks and you bump into someone, spilling your coffee all over him (sorry, seen one too many romantic comedies this weekend), and you get to talking…and all of a sudden you have a date Friday night. But WAIT!  He’s outside of your age range…so tell me, does age really matter?

On Dating Someone Younger

I think this is more of an issue for the ladies than it is men.  It’s pretty normal for guys to date younger girls, and I’m not going to touch the psychology behind that. Not in this post, at least. 🙂  With women, at least my friends and colleagues, dating a younger man is a bit taboo-something we hesitate to tell our friends; generally speaking of course.  The greatest age gap I’ve had with someone I was dating was 6 years, and after a while…it really felt like 60 years.  Of course, this depends on the person…but personally, I am not a fan of the younger guys.  They are so damn cute though..

On Dating Someone Older

They say that women mature faster than men, so it makes sense why there are a lot of women who like to date older men. Not talking about those ladies who are seeking “sugar daddies” though…we’ll leave that for that other post I mentioned above.  I’ve always dated older men, even if it’s by just a few years.  I’m attracted to men who have stories, who have lived and done their own things, and are independent and mature and know what they want.  Not that there aren’t young guys who do, of course.

When it comes down to it, I really believe age is just a number.  Hopefully, it won’t limit you in your dating search…maybe when you’re checking that box, give yourself a greater range to work with.  Keep your mind open!  You never know!!