Post-Divorce Dilemma: 10 Things That Make You Not Date Worthy

By: Len Cruz |

post-divorce date dilemma - why you're undateable

Ouch! The words itself (‘not date worthy’) can make one wonder in pure disbelief and confusion. How can I not be covetable?  Could be it be the divorce?

Far from, actually.

Landing that perfect date is (predominantly) based on one’s character, not the circumstances he/she was in. If you’ve been wondering why you don’t have much luck in the dating scene as of late, then it’s time to look at the root cause. Check how many of these dating deal breakers you’re doing right now!

1. Me, Myself & I Syndrome

You focus too much on yourself and couldn’t care less about what the other person feels. The only time that you notice how your date is doing is if he drops dead in front of you.

 2. You’re a hardcore energy vampire

Pessimism kills a budding romance. Nobody wants to date someone who keeps whining and complaining about every single thing. It’s just far too annoying. This is what Twitter or Facebook’s for.

 3. You’re a grammar nazi

Correcting your date’s grammar constantly is intimidating and demeaning at the same time. There’s much more to worry about than the correct usage of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Seriously.

4. You are anhedonic

Not feeling any pleasure at whatever effort your date has made is off. It may not be the best for you, but for him it is. Lower your standards a little to appreciate simple things that matters.

5. You don’t have a sense of humor

This is a major date repeller. Humor is a sign of a person’s well-being (physical and mental). It is a desirable attribute that can make every person dateable. You can laugh your way into someone’s heart, y’know?

6. You have a sense of humor but it’s bad

Having a terrible and offensive sense of humor is as bad as having none at all! Green jokes, bathroom jokes, making fun of others etc. are a big no-no, especially if you’ve just started dating. It’s very unattractive.

 7. You have a below average self-confidence

Men revel on women who know who they are, what they want and how to get it. They like women who are confident in their own skin and who don’t self-deprecate every chance she gets. Got cellulite? Who cares! Kate Moss has one too and she’s a supermodel.

 8. Still hung up on the ex

Talking about your ex and what you did together to your date is a major turn off. If you’re guilty of this, stop dating. Stay home for awhile and resolve your issues. This is a clear sign that you’re not ready to date yet.

 9. You don’t know how to kiss…properly

A kiss is just a kiss. Uhm, no! It is everything! Have you heard of kissing compatibility and how important it is?  A simple kiss can send chemical signals that can help the person in choosing a good mate. It’s a pre-cursor to good years of procreation. Also, it feels sooooo good!

 10. You’re seeing wedding bells

Now, hold on right there. The ink on your divorce paper is barely dry. Do not antagonize your date by talking about having kids and living in a house with picket fence. Save that for later. Just enjoy the ride for the meantime. Baby steps!

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