10 Things Women Want In Bed

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I’ve heard so many of my guy friends complain about how difficult women are to please, especially in bed. Gentlemen, I beg to differ! With a little attention to detail and an eager to please attitude, any guy can give any woman exactly what she wants in bed. Just in case you aren’t sure where to start, here are 10 things all women want in bed.

1. To Be Respected. Some guys have a one track mind when the prospect of sex with a hot girl is on the horizon. They paw at her, grab her, and even if they don’t mean to, it can come off a bit disrespectful. While her body might be the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, she’s still a human being with a heart and a brain, so don’t forget to pay close attention to those as well.

2. To Be Heard. When a woman tells you what she likes-whether it be with her words or her sounds, pay attention and act accordingly.

3. To Feel Beautiful. Getting naked and sweaty in front of a guy for the first time is stressful for a lot of women. Compliments go a long way here, guys. Tell her exactly what about her body turns you on so much.

4. A Hygienic Partner. Sometimes I can’t even believe that we have to mention this, but after hearing one too many stories of stinky guys expecting to get laid, it’s worth noting. Women aren’t expecting anything fancy. A simple shower, shave and deodorant will do the trick. Would you want to roll around naked in bed with someone who hadn’t bathed in two days? Exactly!

5. A Giver. Always obey the golden rule of sex-Give more than you receive! When you’re in the heat of the moment it can take all of your strength to not keep doing only what makes you feel good. It’s worth it to put your partner first though, because when a woman feels sexually satisfied she’ll do anything to return the favor, tenfold. Yes, anything. Plus, she won’t leave and go tell her friends what a selfish jerk you are, so that’s always a good thing.

6. To Feel Special. This is the lines of feeling beautiful, but I promise we aren’t as needy as it sounds.  The woman you’re with knows she isn’t the first sexual partner you’ve had and probably won’t be the last. This doesn’t mean that she wants to be compared to your ex or the last girl who saw your “O” face. She wants to feel like she’s the only woman on your mind…at least for now.

7. A Damn Cuddle. I know, I know…casual dating and all that. But cuddling does not mean you’re in love and proposing marriage. I just think that most women would prefer you gave her a hug before you rolled over and went to sleep. Or ate a sandwich.

8. Space. I know what you’re thinking…I just told you to cuddle and now I’m saying back-off. Some guys tend to get surprisingly attached after sex with a girl they really like. If a woman sleeps with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants a serious relationship. It’s important to discuss your feelings up front before doing the deed to make sure you’re on the same page.

9. Directions. Women are just as eager to please their partner as guy’s are but she might need some direction! Don’t be shy with your encouragement…and gratitude, of course.

10. Foreplay. It typically takes women longer to orgasm than it does most men. Foreplay should be your number one party trick. Don’t rush into the main event…the longer you take warming her up and turning her on, the better the sex will be. When you get to it, of course.