Great Expectations.

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Online Dating offers more than just a chance for a love connection.  Setting up a profile online and putting yourself out there means that you’ve opened yourself up to tons of new different relationships, romantic or not.

You might get an email from someone who shares your interests, and you have tons in common with…but you simply aren’t physically attracted in the least.  It might not be the beginning of a steamy romance, but what about a new friendship?  Friendship is not a bad word! Besides, since there was no spark between the two of you, I’m willing to bet they would be more than happy to introduce you to some of their eligible friends…win win!

If you look at online dating as a way to simply meet more people you’ll expand your social circle…and meet new friends and lovers.

This stage of your life should be one of relaxation and fun.  Maybe your kids are grown or you’re retired, and now you have the freedom to travel, try new restaurants, pick up a new hobby.  Use online dating as a tool to help you meet people (attractive people, no less) who want to do these things with you.  Your experiences will become that much richer if you share them with others.

Along the way, it’s pretty safe to say you’ll meet someone online who you’d like to have in your life as more than a friend or just a companion.  It’s a numbers game, and one date can be a life changer.  But until then, respond to as many emails as you can. Keep your online dating profile updated and fresh. Meet a new date for coffee and see if sparks fly…and if not, no pressure.  Don’t look at online dating as a chore or a drag-it’s instant access to people who are in the same stage of life as you are-and are eager to connect and make this half of their lives twenty times better than the first half.