10 Ways To Turn Your Guy On This Weekend

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Whether you’re looking to spice things up this weekend or if you have a casual date planned with a new guy, here are ten ways you can get your man from 0-100, fast.

1. Tease the hell out him. Send him sexy text messages alluding to the things you want to do to him the next time you’re together. Get creative-photos, sexting, or phone conversations are the perfect ways to turn him on without having to lift a finger. He’ll be quite excited to see you, we can guarantee it.

2. Kiss him. Instead of waiting for him to lean in for a smooch, grab his head and take one! Kiss him long and deep, like it’s the one thing you’ve been waiting to do all day long.

3. Compliment him. It might sound archaic, but compliments go a long way. This only works if you are being honest with your sweet words. Guys spend a lot of time telling the women in their lives the things that they like about them, so return the favor. If all those hours he’s been logging in the gym are paying off, let him know.

4. Attack him. Sure, he probably expects that you’ll be happy to see him come the weekend, but if you’re dressed in lingerie waiting on the bed for him to walk through the door he’ll never question it again.

5. Dress up. Is your guy into a certain type of “look”? Does he go crazy for women in uniform, demure baby-doll lingerie sets, or school girl outfits? Whatever he’s jokingly mentioned in passing that turns him on-make his fantasy come true.

6. Tell him how bad you want him. Simple, easy and WORKS LIKE A CHARM! All men love to hear how badly you not only want to have sex, but to have sex with them. Feed his ego, it’s a total insta-boner!

7. Dance like it’s your J-O-B. If you’re at a club looking to hookup with a guy, or if you and your man are grabbing a drink together, seize the opportunity! Get on the dance floor and shake it, not breaking eye contact with your guy for even a minute. Chances are he’ll be closing the tab and getting you out of there so you can continue your show in private.

8. Rent a movie. Invite your guy over for a relaxed night of a bottle of wine, some popcorn and a DVD. Let him think you’re popping in the Hangover 2 when you’re really starting your favorite naughty flick. He’ll figure it out.

9. Try a new sex position. Switching up your sex positions of choice is one of the easiest and most fun ways to turn a guy on. Are you usually on top? Ask him to get behind you. The options are endless.

10. Get loud. Are you usually quiet and shy in bed? Have a glass of wine and relax…and start using your words. Most men, whether they admit it or not, absolutely love to hear their girl getting off, because it let’s them know that she likes what they are doing. You might feel funny at first, but you might find yourself getting more and more turned on as well…it’s a win win.