Online Dating – When Should You Meet In Person??

By: Elizabeth Marie |

A good girl friend recently signed up for an online dating site, and asked my advice.  She wanted to know when, or how, she should decide to meet someone in person.  When to take it offline, so to speak.  At first I thought this was fairly easy-if you like them, meet them!  If he’s cute, meet him!  But that is not entirely true, as I thought back over my online dating career. Career? Yikes…Whatever, I’ll take it.  Here are the two basic guidelines I advised her…what do you guys think?

  1. When You Feel A Connection – While this can be frustratingly disappointing in person, if you feel a connection, any connection with someone via the Internet or phone, I say…meet them in person. I say this for two reasons-1. I mean, the connection could be even more amazing in real life, in which case…YAY. Or, 2. If you continue to let this connection develop online, you could be setting yourself up for an even more disappointing real life date. It’s so easy to idealize someone from their voice, or emails-emails they could have spent hours perfecting. To really know, and before you get entirely invested-meet them in person. This also prevents things like this from happening-remember Mystery Man aka Guy Who Would NEVER Meet Me? Still hasn’t, by the way-for those of you who have asked. But I’ve stopped trying, anyway 🙂
  2. When You Just Need To Get Out – Now, please take this with a grain of salt, and always use your best judgement and stay SAFE! But seriously, there are only so many emails, I.M’s and text/phone conversations you can have before you are the girl sitting in her pj’s every Friday night talking to “potential” dates. Potential only goes so far. At some point, you’re going to have to actually go on the date! Get dressed up, put your best face forward and TRY. That’s a big mantra of mine around here-putting ourselves out there and trying. Don’t just go out with anyone-another one of my mantras is STANDARDS…but hey, that guy you’ve exchanged a few emails with and wants to meet at a bar for a beer? Just.Do.It. (And make sure to tell someone where you’re going, and with whom.) Safety, lovers.