Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

By: Elizabeth Marie |

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…WAIT, sorry, sorry, wrong holiday 🙂  Happy February…so, what are YOU doing for Valentines Day?! I know, I know, it’s a “Hallmark Holiday,”, it’s silly, it’s this, it’s that…but just in case you drank the kool-aid and are in a love celebratin’ kind of mood, here are some fun Valentines Day Date Ideas!  And if you’re single…stay tuned, I’m taking care of you in my next post.

1. A Hard To Get Reservation At A Restaurant She or He Will LOVE.
I know, dinner-how boring, right? WRONG. I’m not just talking about McDonald’s here…I’m saying put some effort into it-has the object of your affection mentioned a specific place they’d love to try, a new cuisine they are a fan of? Pay attention and surprise them with a wonderful meal…food is sexy, no matter what anyone says.

2. A Picnic
Weather permitting of course, but use your imagination-a picnic can be just as romantic indoors on a blanket with candles or in front of the fire. I am obsessed with picnic’s and I think I’m just including this on my list as a plea to the Universe to tell the man in my life to TAKE ME ON ONE. It’s cheesy, it’s silly, it’s straight out of a romantic comedy…and that, my friends is why the ladies will love it. A little wine, a little cheese and good conversation. Perfect.

3. A Day At Her Service
Or his! Maybe we should say evening, because that could be one long day! Spend this time doing anything and everything your loved one desires…could just be doing the dishes, but here’s hoping it’s a little sexier than that. 🙂

4. Ice Skating
Basically, anything that gets you too touching is GOOD, am I right? Who cares if you suck, or fall and make an ass out of yourself-that’s part of the fun! This is just another way to take advantage of the wintery weather before it’s gone and get up close and personal with your loved one.

Now…I realize these ideas are a bit generic, but the holiday itself is, by definition, generic. My suggestion, in addition to the ideas above, is-if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone who makes you laugh, makes you feel loved and makes you better…take February 14th as an opportunity to make them feel your love…as cheesy as it is.

Remember my single’s and ready to mingle’s…I’ve got you covered next!