Do you like dating men in your age range or older men? – Part 3

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I recently went online in a chatroom with some 50-something women and asked them some dating questions.

This is the third of a three part blog on women over 50 dating.

Do you like dating men in your age range or older men?

Cindy: I have seen some amazing looking older men. However, I do prefer men closer to my age group.

Kat: I have seen some amazing looking older men too. I’ve always been attracted to older men.

Pam: I met a guy a year older than me online, I like him a lot even though he looks older than me. It’s the guys 15 years older than me that look 25 years older I have a problem with! I don’t care about “looks” as in classically handsome. But I don’t want to date someone that looks like he’s my dad.

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Sherry: I use to did not care about the age if about 10 years younger than me…but, now that I am older and in my 60′s…I changed my mind…because my …BOD… CHANGED TOO !!!….hahahaha

Do you find that men in their 50s are romantic, or not so much?

Pam: I’ve rarely gotten past a first-meet date in ages. Of the guys in their fifties and sixties I’ve gone out with the last two years, they seem to no longer have a single romantic bone in their bodies. Probably why they are single.

Cindy: Romance is what 2 people make it or allow it to be. When you have the chemistry and all of the essential factors in a relationship. Romance can be off the charts amazing, no matter what your age. I think some men are capable of being content with one woman they love.

Sherry: 58 year old who wouldn’t even open the door for me…67 year old who invited me on an expensive outing and made me pay my own way (when I told him I hadn’t skied in ages because it cost too much).

Do people post their current picture on online dating sites?

Kat: I can only speak for me and mine are current. I’m happy and content with who I am and if men don’t like it, oh well.

Cindy: I post current pics. No reason to lie or try to manipulate. Truth always comes out

Sherry: When men try to avoid meeting you …it’s because they are lying about their profile …or their photo is so old! Men love to keep old photos…some are 10 years old of themselves in here

What would you do differently dating-wise if you could go back to your 20s?

Cindy: Honestly, I do not think I would. I feel I have lived my life well and I have the fruit to show for it. I enjoy my life. I am content with who I am and where I am in my life. I pray that when I do meet the man I will marry he is just as content in his. However, after meeting me he will realize I am the missing

Pam: I would “pick better” in that my husband wasn’t a very good choice. I was 28 though and felt I was running out of time. I didn’t have many to choose from. He was the first multi-date in years and I just latched onto him. I saw who he really was, for the first time, the weekend we were married. By a week later, I knew I’d made a HUGE mistake. But I stuck it out and tired to make it work.

Kat: I wouldn’t have done anything different. My mother said love is blind, but marriage really opens your eyes.