5 Signs You’re Dating a Player

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Casually dating or not, nobody likes to find out they’ve been caught in a player’s trap. Often times there are warning signals and red flags, but for whatever reason (ehem, great sex) we choose to ignore them. It’s not only after that we wonder how we were so easily played.  You don’t have to wonder anymore though. Here are the top five signs that you’re dating a player.

1. He hides his phone from you. Whether you’re making out in bed or having a nice dinner out, a player always has his phone hidden away. Does he never answer the phone when he’s around you or when you ask who texted him, reply “it’s nobody.”  Same goes for his computer-if you’re at his house and need to jump online to check his email, does he practically throw his body in front of the screen and come up with an excuse why you can’t use it?  The bottom line is he’s hiding something…but what?

2. He does everything “RIGHT”. These are the guys who you gush about how perfect they are to your friends. They compliment you, take you to nice dinners and make you feel like you’re the only woman on earth. When a guy seems to good to be true, most likely he is.

3. He doesn’t let you get to know him. No strings and casual relationships generally tend to avoid deep conversations or heavy, emotional moments. That doesn’t mean that you don’t talk to your partner and try to get to know them, it’s just on a more basic level.  A player will have none of it though. He doesn’t reveal anything about himself that will give you the chance to get to know the real him.

4. He is controlling.  For a player to get what he wants from a woman, everything has to go according to his master plan.  When things start to deviate, he gets nervous and might freak out. For example, if you cancel your date with him on Friday night and suggest Saturday instead, he might become elusive and moody…because he has a date with someone else that night.It’s a non-stop battle for control.

5. He vanishes for days or weeks at a time. Players are impossible to count on. He might flake on a date and disappear for two weeks, only to resurface with flowers, begging you to forgive him. He hasn’t come crawling back because he truly missed you though…it was simply to prove to himself that he could have you, whenever he wanted.  Next time, prove him wrong.

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