7 Things Not To Do When You’re Having Sex With Someone For The First Time

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Hooking up with someone for the first time is equal parts exciting and awkward. You want to impress your partner with your skills, yet not freak them out at the same time by pushing the boundaries too far, too soon.  This isn’t the time to bust out every dildo in your drawer and share your secret Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy. To prevent your first time together from being your last, here are 7 things NOT to do when you’re having sex with someone for the first time.

1. Don’t assume. Guys, if a girl is going down on you don’t assume it’s A-OK if you finish in her mouth, especially if this is the first time she’s done it. Sure, asking her might not be the sexiest thing in the world, and you might be so excited in the moment that you forget, but asking before you finish shows that you respect her. Not to mention you’ll be a lot less likely to totally piss her off, which is always a good thing if you’d like her to ever do it again.

2. Don’t get too emotional. The first time you have sex, it’s just sex. Not “making love”, so relax with all that.  Having sex doesn’t mean that you’re automatically in a relationship, or that you should start moving your things into his house. It’s one thing to cuddle, it’s another to totally mistake physical intimacy for love.

3. Don’t put on a show. There is no need to moan and scream loudly like you’re in a sex scene of a d-list, straight to DVD movie. If you’re feeling good, definitely let your partner know, but otherwise leave the theatrics to the professionals.

4. Don’t fake an orgasm. If you fake it from the beginning, your partner will never learn how to make it really happen for you.  You’re only hurting yourself here!

5. Don’t try something new. The first time you have sex with someone is, by definition, NEW. Everything is new! New body, new movements, new energy. There is no need to up the ante even further by adding in things you’ve never tried before, like anal sex or a sex swing. Wait until you’re comfortable with each other and then together decide what else to bring into your bedroom.

6. Don’t take risks with your health. Use protection.

7. Don’t think this is as good as it’s going to get. First time sex is notoriously awful. No matter how experienced you are, when you’re with someone new you’ve got to start from scratch. When you throw first time jitters into the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster, or at least sub-par sex.  If the first time is underwhelming don’t give up!  Just think, now there is only room for improvement, and you know what they say-practice makes perfect!