Finding Love Is Not Just About Location, Location, Location…

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Location, location, location-I think it’s a little overrated! How many times have you clicked past someone’s dating profile simply because they didn’t live in your postal code or city? Location IS very important…but it’s only one factor to consider when looking for a date. Searching simply by location is simply LIMITING…there is a big world out there-not only should you be open to dating outside your city, but there are ways to search for your perfect someone based on looks, interests, etc…whatever dating niche you want. For example…

Physical Preferences.
While I think it’s fair to have a pretty open mind when it comes to physical traits in others, we all obviously have those things we are just naturally attracted to. For example, I happen to have a thing for dark hair and guys who wear plaid…I’m just saying. Maybe you like brunettes or blondes, curvy dates whatever the case…try searching that way!

I LOVE this one. Finding someone who shares my interests is at the top of my list when I’m dating, and I’d be willing to drive a little farther to get to know someone if this was the case! Vegetarian and looking to find a someone who shares a similar lifestyle…who cares if he’s an hour away! Work in a creative field and looking to find someone who understands your occupation? Yeah, that is covered too – maybe you’re looking for elite dating or perhaps just something casual. The sky is really the limit-endless possibilities.

These are pretty standard, but still super important when looking for love online. Perhaps you aren’t finding the right fit in your neck of the woods-you know what I’m going to say, right?! Expand your search! Never sacrifice your beliefs or wants and needs-but that’s the beauty of the WORLD WIDE WEB-you never have to, there’s mature dating websites, christian and muslim dating sites so you can find a suitable partner much more easily…

It’s not like we’re going to run out of people 🙂