The Art Of Seduction In 6 Steps

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Valentine’s Day is known as the day of roses, chocolates, and declarations of love, but who says you have to wait until then? If you’re in an amorous mood right now, let that special man in your life know by taking the tips we’re about to give you- and putting them into “action”!

Let Him Know What to Expect

Sassy schoolgirl outfits, or sexy silk underwear? Yes, those options may sound trite, but there’s a reason why: they work! Get your guy’s engine revving by asking him to buy you an outfit he’s always wanted to see you in…then, send him into overdrive by wearing it when he’s not expecting it. There are other ways to give him a taste of things to come: Slightly reveal your garter when you’re sitting together in a restaurant, or send him sexy text messages while he’s at work.

Write it Down
If you’re not comfortable with the idea of “talking dirty”, write it down instead. Write something suggestive on your bathroom mirror when he steams it up. The transient nature of such a note will make the ideas within it more tempting.

Have a Wandering Eye

Try harmless flirting with another man- or even another woman- right in front of him. Seeing you use your sexuality, and seeing others respond to it- will make him more interested in you, and it will make him want you all for himself. To avoid any ugly jealousy, keep the flirting light; flirt with that cute waiter or waitress, not the ex you run into at a party!

Act Like a Stranger

Instead of being jealous and insecure that he admired another woman as she walked by, use her as an inspiration. Give yourself a makeover, and then the next time you see him, play the part of that beautiful, intriguing stranger. Be confident, be playful, but above all don’t act like the same woman he’s used to seeing! Dress in a new way; swap your jeans and sneakers for a dress, stockings and heels, try a new shade of lipstick, and let your hair down.

Let Him Know What You Want
If there’s one thing men want women to know, it’s that they’re not psychic. They don’t just know what you want; you have to tell them! Telling a man what you want- or telling him how good he is at what he does- is one of the easiest ways to turn him on. When you’re thinking of intimacy, think of one thing that he is really good at, and tell him about it. He’ll be so aroused that he can’t wait to fulfill your wish!

Be Assertive

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the last one. If you’re with a man who’s not one to initiate the act, take the reins for a while and enjoy the dominant side of your personality. Next time he’s lying in bed or sitting in a chair, walk up to him, sit in his lap, kiss him and whisper in his ear, telling him what you want to do with him.