7 Great Ideas for Men Looking for Women

By: Kevin |

It can be difficult for a man today to find a woman they are compatible with. There are some great places, and great tips, to help you find women regardless of your situation.

7 Great Ideas for Men Looking for Women
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Join a Class
If you put yourself out there more you stand a better chance of meeting new women. A great way to do this is to join a class. You can find continuing education courses at your local community college. These classes typically teach hobby skills, such as art or photography for beginners. If you have an interest in something more active such as rock climbing or scuba diving, look for classes at your local community centers. Not only will you meet women here, but you will already have a shared interest.

Go to the Gym
While it probably sounds cliche, it’s popular for a reason. It’s not a good idea to hit on women while on the equipment, but you can meet women in different classes offered at the gym. Sign up for some yoga or spinning classes, and stick to a schedule. This is a good way to meet other enthusiasts who are working on getting or staying in shape.

Bookstore Coffee Shops
Coffee shops that are set up in bookstores are a great place for men looking for women. Grab the latest best seller or some niche magazines and enjoy browsing through them over a hot cup of joe. A word of caution- don’t get so involved with the reading material that you miss out on meeting women.

Sporting Events
Sports aren’t just for men. Plenty of single women enjoy watching sports. Purchase tickets to a local sporting event, and look around for small groups of women. Sit near them, and strike up a conversation about the game.

Be a Knight
So this may sound silly, but if you put yourself in places where women may feel like fish out of water, you’ll stand a pretty good chance. Hit local hardware or automotive stores. If you see women who look confused, offer to help. They will appreciate being rescued.

Get Your Culture On
Hanging out in a museum will not only increase your knowledge of art, it can help you meet women. Find travelling exhibitions at local colleges for a cheaper idea. Gift shops are the perfect place to strike up a conversation about their favorite item on exhibit. Film festivals are great as well, especially if they are in a venue that offers a bar or cafe attached to the theater. This will give you an opportunity to talk to women about their impressions of the films.

Go Online
Many men have a hang up about meeting women online. Fortunately, the industry is much more evolved than it was in the 80s. It’s a lot easier to find women that fit your desires online. You can find niche sites (e.g. vegetarian dating, brunette dating, student dating, mature datingchristian dating, gay dating, elite dating etc…), general online dating sites, and sites specific to many lifestyles. Most will offer a free trial membership so you can browse through profiles before you commit to a membership.