The Best First Date Ever.

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Have you ever had one?? A first date that is SO good you can’t believe it’s happening to you, that feels like something straight out of a movie.

After weeks of rescheduling, family emergencies, and lost phones-we finally made it happen. He picked me up, right on time*, and here’s where I get cheesy. I felt like I knew him already and just hadn’t seen him in a while. It was just…an instant connection I’ve never had with anyone before.

We got through the standard first date questions and answers pretty fast. Then, the good stuff…laughter over inappropriate jokes, the joy of finding out he shares my love for silly TV shows, classic rock and German Shepherds. Too busy talking and sharing stories to even glance at the menu, we were that couple-annoying our server because we were never ready to order, never ready to stop laughing, talking, saying, “me too!!”…never ready to break the spell.

And so it continued. It’s hard, even for a writer like myself,  to put into words what it feels like when you just know…know you never want this night to end and definitely want to see this person again. When you look back on your weeks, months, shoot YEARS of bad dates and are grateful that you are exactly where you are.

Good drinks, amazing food. Dim lighting. Chemistry so electric it’s a surprise the restaurant didn’t catch on fire.

Holding hands as we walked out, looking like we’ve been together for years…laughing-always, always laughing.

Of course, it ended with a kiss. A kiss that left me dizzy, breathless, and definitely speechless. A kiss that left both of us saying “wow” afterwards….and bursting into laughter like giddy middle school kids in disbelief, my tummy full of butterflies and hope.  I was still speechless, because really-what’s a girl to say after a kiss like that?

Apparently, she writes about it online. 🙂

So tell me about YOUR best first date. Come on, I did!