4 Tips for Having Sex in a New Relationship

By: Jenn |

New relationships are full of hope and excitement for the future and all the possibilities it holds for the two of you.

But it also comes with a little bit of fear, uncertainty and dread when it comes to sex. Figuring out your partners likes, dislikes and boundaries are important but can sometimes cause worry. Here are tips to help work through the new relationship sex woes.

1. Be vocal and honest. Some people feel uncomfortable telling their partner what turns them on while they’re busy doing the deed, so bring it up another time. There are plenty of lead-ins for that conversation, such as taking a cue from a tv show or movie, discussing things friends have said, and starting with things you definitely do not like. These conversation starters open the door for you to share what turns you on in a casual way.

2. Try new things. You and your partner have different sexual histories, which is great – learning from each other can benefit both of you and lead to things you never knew you liked! When your partner brings up an idea or does something new, try not to get hung up on the fact that they learned this with someone else and instead focus on how glad you are that they learned it at all! Adding to your library of sex tips never hurts.

3. Don’t forget foreplay. The beginning of a new relationship is the perfect time to focus on foreplay. Your partner gets to learn about your body and you get to ease into the event and relax a lot.

4. Practice, practice, practice! Take advantage of the honeymoon phase of a new relationship and have lots of sex. Whether or not the stereotype that the frequency of sex decreases the longer you’ve been together holds true for you or not, you might as well take advantage of your insatiable desire for your new love interest and practice together all the time. You can only get better!