London’s Craziest Speed Dating Nights

By: Josie |

Have you ever been tempted to try a spot of speed dating? Two minutes to cram in all the reasons why that special someone should fall for you – sounds terrifying right? Well, here in London, they’ve started to do things a bit differently. Here’s a selection of the most out-there speed dating in the capital city where everyone’s hoping that sparks fly. And worst comes to worst, a bad date makes a good story, right?

Dating in the Dark: taking blind dating to the next level

Here’s one that’s exactly what it sounds like: speed dating in total darkness. First conceived in New York City, Dating in the Dark now brings itself to London. On the night, you arrive at the designated pitch black restaurant where waiters wearing night vision goggles will lead you to your table and familiarise you with your plate and cutlery. There are an equal numbers of girls and boys on tables of around 6 to 10 people and after that; you’re left to your own devices!

Deliciously gourmet food is served while you converse with the mysterious strangers, stimulating all of your senses (besides your sight of course). As desert is brought out, candles are lit and your fellow diners will be revealed for the first time. Will sparks fly? There’s only one way to find out! It hasn’t launched yet but keep up to date at


Curzon Dates: a new twist on dinner and a movie

If you’re the kind of person that struggles for things to talk about with strangers (who doesn’t?!), then this one’s perfect for you – and you’ve got the good people over at the quirky arthouse Curzon Cinema to thank. Simply buy your tickets for this event and you’ll get entry to the film, as well as being able to take part in the speed dating afterwards. This means instant common ground, no awkward silences, as well as seeing how well your opinions match up with your potential new suitor!

The event always sells out lightning quick so it’s best to sign up to the mailing list to get first dibs – especially for female tickets. Just imagine all the arty and cultured types that’ll be there! Time to brush up on your indie film knowledge in order to impress. Check it out at


Shhh Dating: how awkward is silence?

Have you ever been on a date that’s descended into a painfully long, slow and stutteringly awkward silence? Yep, us too. Well, say goodbye to awful small talk and faltering sentences because at a Shhh Dating night, it’s 15 one-minute dates and absolutely zero conversation. The concept of Shhh dating is simple: stare into one another’s eyes for one minute in total silence. Sounds scary? Well consider that 85% of communication is non-verbal and you’ll start to see how much you could potentially learn!

It’s not often that we get to unabashedly study someone else’s face for minutes at a time without the police being called, so take the idea of love at first sight and, well, run away with it! At the end of the night, you are allowed to chat to one another and you’re sure to feel like something strangely deep and meaningful has passed between you. Give it a go and see for yourself! Find out more at


Have you been to any unusual speed dating nights?