Is There Such A Thing As THE ONE?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Romantic comedies, fairytales, Disney movies and weepy love songs all wax poetic about THE ONE…this one person out of all the billions of people in the world who we are meant to be with. Our soulmate. The only person on the planet who can provide everything our heart desires. That’s a lot of pressure, right?

That’s why I call bullshit. While I’m a firm believer of “When you know, you know”, I think a person can have many “The Ones” through out a lifetime. I sincerely hope they do at least.I’ve been in love-all encompassing, beautiful, can’t live without each other love. Love that makes plans and builds a firm foundation, love that you can’t imagine what you ever did without,  and you definitely can’t imagine a day without them. They, as you say, are the ONE.

But, life happens, and suddenly, for whatever reason, there is a crack in the foundation, and the whole house comes falling down, taking with it your plans.  The one starts to turn into no one.

Yet, life happens, and you find love again, as we always do. You find beautiful, all encompassing, can’t live without each other love with someone else. But is he #2? No, you say, this time he’s really the ONE. The one before wasn’t the one, you were wrong. But were you?

This is why I don’t believe in the one, or at the very least, find it super limiting. I believe in loving, and evolving and appreciating what I have now, and that includes the man in my life. I feel like holding out for the mystical ONE somehow negates the many loves that come in and out of our lives. Of course, there are the ones who keep a larger part of our heart than others. The ones who haunt our dreams, the ones who made us who we are today. The ones we let get away.

What are your thoughts on THE ONE?