4 Types Of Guys Online To Avoid. At All Costs.

By: Elizabeth Marie |

4 Types Of Guys Online To Avoid. At All Costs.

Before you freak out, I’m NOT a man hater. In fact, I love men. I am lucky to have a lot of really great guys in my life who I would be lost without.

However, we’re talking about dating, and more specifically, online dating, so I’ve enlisted some of my friends to help me–and therefore YOU–come up with a list of 4 types of guys to avoid.


1. The Guy Who Lists All 30 Of His “Deal Breakers” on his profile.
Ok. We all have standards and things we are looking for, as well as things we just won’t bend on. I am a huge supporter of this! HOWEVER, the second I see someone’s profile who has bullet points of every little thing that turns him off…I’m turned off and click to the next! Nobody is perfect, and I don’t have the time, energy or frankly, desire to try to live up to someone else’s ridiculous standards. Plus, I think profile’s like this are very limiting-you never really know how someone is going to be until you meet them in person and if I don’t meet one of your bullet points, it doesn’t make me want to write you back. On. To. The. Next. Guy. Who won’t be focusing on my flaws, thanks.

2. One of my friends recently came in contact with a guy online, they went through the normal email exchanges, and finally swapped phone numbers. He proceeded to send her text messages asking for “full body shots” to “make sure she wasn’t fat” and “see what he is working with”…Um, gross. I know there are people who misrepresent what they look like online-TRUST ME OH DO I KNOW…but there are ways to go about something like this with class and respect and decency. Just because you’re online and haven’t met the person doesn’t mean your manners, should you even have any, go out the window. Needless to say, she never responded to his nonsense.

3. The Flake.
Nothing screams “SHADY” to me more than a guy who keeps breaking plans to meet. Just makes me think he couldn’t get away from his wife and 2.5 kids for the evening, and I’m not into that. Or that he just wants a phone/text/email buddy. Things come up, I’ve had to reschedule plans tons of times-but I always make it a point to do my best to be there. If I find myself just not wanting to hang out with a guy, there’s no need to string him along. Who has time to be on the phone all the time with someone you’ve never even met? Not. Me.

4. The Guys Who Tell You EVERYTHING before you’ve met.
There are some things I need to know before I will meet you-are you (for sure) single, do you like dogs (I could never date a non dog lover), do you drink (the important stuff)…But some guys find it imperative to tell me their family history, what they had for breakfast, how much they hate their ex girlfriends/wives (DO YOU SEE THAT HUGE RED FLAG WAVING?), and so on and so forth. Forever. And they rarely ask about you in your correspondence…and by the time they do, you’re already so sick of them, you hit delete.

Don’t worry guys, 4 Types Of Girls Online To Avoid is coming soon! 🙂