How To Get a Second Date

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Show an interest
You’ve obviously arranged this date as you have mutual interests but you are never going to meet anyone who has exclusively the same interests as you so it is important to show an active interest in whatever they want to tell you about. You may not be interested in what they are saying but if it’s something they are passionate about then make the effort to listen. The same applies for chatting someone’s head off about a subject you are extremely passionate about but everyone else finds beyond dull. Listening is important as being an interesting conversationalist; nail this and you’ll be well on your way to your second date.

Dress Well – and appropriately!
You’ve pulled out your finest Superman, or batgirl costume for your date because it will show the other party how funny you are! One of the most attractive traits people want in a personality is a sense of humour. Sadly, turning up at a restaurant in your superhero costume is more likely to cause embarrassment and make your date leave; don’t do this. Even if your mates think it’s hilarious! If you’re off to dinner then suit up lads, and make sure it fits! There’s nothing worse than turning up to a date with an ill-fitting suit that is either too small and makes you look fat or hangs off your skinny figure and makes it look like you’ve borrowed a jacket from a mate.

This said, not every first date is going to be in a restaurant and if you’re going out for a walk through the Lake District for example, then boys, I’d recommend putting on a stylish pair of jeans and decent top. Girls, just make sure you dress for the occasion; a short-skirt when you may be climbing rocks may not give off the sophisticated look you may want.

Don’t come on too strong
You’ve shown an interest in each other already, you’ve most likely already seen pictures and you’ve decided to meet due to some sort mutual attraction or common denominator. This does not signal an instant relationship; you may not gel, you may in fact clash! By going in on a first date and trying to plan the rest of your life then you’re not only going to be disappointed when you don’t get a phone call but you’ll also be scaring the pants of any potential partner! Keep it cool! Just smile and show you are enjoying yourself.

Keep flirty – and out of the dreaded friend zone
Remember, it’s still a date; it’s not friends who do dinner. Keep it fun and flirty! Don’t let it become dry and boring. However, things that you may think are appropriate to talk about to your mates may not be suitable date material. If you think it’s appropriate, go in for a kiss at the end, and ask if your date would like to meet again, that way you’ll know if the 2nd date is on the table!

DO NOT use on your phone!
The ultimate date faux pas – playing on your phone. If you are interested in your date then your phone should be the last thing on your mind. Whether you’re trying to update your exciting twitter status or see what’s happening on Facebook – just save it for later. This still counts when your date has gone to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’. This is when the temptation monster will rear its ugly head the most, it’s not going to look good and when your date returns and see’s you playing on your phone. It’ll make your date feel anxious, and it looks like you’re not enjoying yourself.

Don’t lie on your first date
You’ll get caught out and look like an idiot. You’ll have already been checked out on social media and other social media channels; they’ll probably already know a bit about you. However, if they know too much about you they may fall into the stalker category and it’s probably worth getting out of there ASAP. If you’re not a Doctor then don’t say/imply you are. Truth is a vital commodity in the dating market and without it you’ll never find someone who likes/loves you just because you’re you! You may want to come across as incredibly successful and impressive early on; but lying will only lead to bad feelings between both parties involved.

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