5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Younger Man At Least Once

By: Elizabeth Marie |

younger men
I think most women, regardless of age, have all been told at one point or another that “women mature faster than men” and therefore dating an older man seems like the most logical decision. But what’s the fun in being logical all the time, especially when it comes to love? Sure, maybe younger guys aren’t as “mature” as their older counterparts, but maturity is sometimes overrated.

Here are 5 reasons why you should date a younger man.

1. Younger men are eager to please. Generally speaking (obviously) younger guys are super eager to do anything and everything to make you happy in any and all ways possible. Why? They have something to prove and you reap the benefits! They want to make sure that you know that not only can they do everything an older man could, but they do it better. Younger guys know they have an alleged age disadvantage, and they work hard to make up for it.

2. Younger men are trainable. Most guys aren’t born cheaters, players or heartbreakers-these are learned behaviors developed over time. If you date a younger guy who hasn’t become set in less than desirable ways, it gives you the opportunity to teach him how to treat not just you, but every woman he dates in the future. Consider it your good deed for women kind.

3. Younger men will keep you feeling YOUNG. Hi, captain obvious! This is especially important for mature daters because these are the years in your life that you should be living to the fullest. A younger man will encourage you to do things that men your age might think are silly, but I believe that everyone should be silly once in a while. Above all else, dating should be fun, and for most younger men, making sure that the woman they’re dating is enjoying herself is their number one priority.

4. Younger men have TONS AND TONS OF ENERGY. Interpret that however you’d like ladies. Younger guys can last, and last and last…whether it’s a night of dancing and champagne or just about anything else. If you’re sleeping with a younger man, you might find yourself taking on more of an in charge role than you usually do with guys your age or older, and the switch can be an intense turn-on.

5. Younger guys are innocently sweet. Maybe it’s because they aren’t jaded, or maybe they’ve yet to experience a devastating heartbreak or betrayal (something to look forward to, boys!) but most younger guys are more in touch with their emotions than older men. They also live in the moment, and don’t worry about the future, which is great for a new relationship. While you might have a difficult time connecting on a deep level with a younger man, they tend to be open and honest with how they feel and you’ll never have to wonder why he’s dating you, because the answer is easy. He likes you, he thinks you’re awesome and he can’t wait to see you again.

Have you ever dated a younger man?