How to Impress a Guy in 10 Seconds

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Some say that according to research, it takes about 12 seconds in a job interview for an employer to know if a applicant is worthy of being hired. It’s mostly about the first impression that lasts, and it’s also true when you want to impress a guy.

Some underestimate the power of first impressions, while others give it too much credit. In any case, while it shouldn’t be the cause of anxiety, it’s still a good reason to be mindful of how you are first seen by that individual in the best light possible.


Being able to exude confidence upon the very first moment from when you meet face to face is something that both men and women value, and it’s perhaps the stone that is set first before everything else is put on top to build up everything that it takes to impress a guy. As much as a man should have that confidence, so should women.


A sweet smile that is just in between neutral and overly jubilant, but a natural happy smile that exudes life,
is what most guys can find quite irresistible. Such a smile express an optimistic nature and an uplifting spirit
that can’t be faked, so you just have to be in the moment and break out a smile that comes from the bottom
of your heart, showing that you are someone who believes in happiness and positive energy.

Not Being Shy

There is more than just upfront confidence in presenting yourself, but also being comfortable in being in front of him and making the first move if it fits the situation. There is no real need to do anything too bold, but having the composure to take charge every once in a while is quite attractive to a man. Perhaps it’s like
a few instances of control on your part, but you still let him have the reins for most of the time.


A good way to keep him interested in you is through showing that you admire his good points. There is nothing wrong in showing appreciation for him, as long as you don’t go overboard with it. Just a few compliments every once in a while can keep him interested.

Act Like You’re Flirting

Of course, you’re not really flirting seriously, but merely trying to make a connection with the guy. Some may say that this is not necessary, and perhaps they’re right. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a boost every once in a while.

Quick Glances

Holding his gaze with a glint in your eye and a soft smile for a couple of seconds should lift his spirits up, but don’t hold it for too long. Don’t start ogling at each other for extended periods of time since you’re not at that stage yet. At this point, staring at each other would only be awkward, but quick glances are absolutely
fine. What’s important at this point is that you have his attention, and quick glances at his direction can reinforce that.

Wear the Right Perfume

You can also hold a man’s attention through the sense of smell. Wearing the right perfume can help you enchant a man, and it goes well with everything else in this list.


The foundation of being in each other’s company is communication, and some people tend to underestimate that power of connection. Two people can be instantly connected through conversation, and we shouldn’t forget how magical the process of social interaction is. You have the power to hold his attention through your words and how you listen to him.

Ask a Vague Question

Whenever you do ask a question at him, make it one that he can’t just answer in a quick and straightforward manner. Such open-ended questions will make him think about how he should answer and quickly make the conversation engaging. Keep the conversation going as he thinks about the answer, perhaps even help him along the way until he gets to an answer that may even go towards your direction as a result of your conversational tactics.

Have Fun

Have that twinkle in your eye and just have a good time while in his company. Even with the dreariest guy in the world, things can always be better if you maintain optimism and just be fun. You may even show him a thing or two about the benefits of being open and comfortable with someone like you, and that fun-loving nature can get contagious in a good way.