5 Casual Dating Dilemmas and How To Solve Them

By: Elizabeth Marie |

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Many people seem to be under the impression that casual dating should be completely free of stress or issues, and that relationship problems are reserved for people in serious relationships.  However, whenever you mix women, men and sex, you are bound to encounter a few dilemmas, no matter how casually you’re dating.  Here are 5 dating dilemmas and how to solve them.

1. Problem-You begin to develop feelings for the person you’re sleeping with.
Solution-Stop sleeping with them immediately, and avoid hanging out too much. It’s easy to mistake physical attraction for real feelings and as much as you want to believe that you’re different, most casual dating relationships do not develop into anything more than a good time in bed.

2. ProblemThe person you’re casually dating admits that they are falling in love with you, but you don’t feel the same.
Solution-To make sure you don’t lead them on any further, avoid sex, and like the above answer, it might be best to cut all ties, because once a declaration of love has happened, things just aren’t so casual anymore.

3. Problem-You find out the person you’re sleeping with is having sex with more than one person.
Solution-Since you’re “casual dating” it can be difficult to know where you stand, and you might feel like you aren’t allowed to inquire about what he’s doing when he isn’t with you. If you are uncomfortable with the guy you slept with last night getting it on with someone other than you today, it’s ok to tell him in no uncertain terms. It doesn’t mean that he will stop, but defining your boundaries from the beginning means that he will always know where you stand on certain issues.

4. Problem-Your partner wants to have unprotected sex.
Solution-One thing you should never take casually is your health, and when you’re having sex with someone without the security of monogamy, you’ve got to take every step to protect yourself. Period. If your partner doesn’t agree, keep walking…no sex is amazing enough to sacrifice your health or standards for!

5. Problem-The sex is boring.
Solution-Move on to the next! Save the boring, vanilla sex for people in long-term relationships. Great sex is all about connection, and you either have it or you don’t. If it’s just not there with one person, there shouldn’t be any hard feelings…after all, things are casual, remember?