Twitter Love! A New Kind Of Online Dating?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I thought it would be interesting to get some male perspective around here…so I hit up my friend and fellow blogger/ social media geek Mr. L.A Idiot to shed some light on the subject. He’s definitely not an idiot, as I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him “in real life”, and he introduced me to something I hadn’t thought about before. TWITTER LOVE! Could it be? Read on to get his take on online dating and a budding Twitter-mance. Is he twitter-patted? Ok, I’ll stop. Here he is!

Twitter Love

Online dating is a continually growing phenomenon. It’s becoming less uncommon for people to use sites like We Love Dates to find not only a dating partner, but also a life mate. The social stigma is also starting to decrease. As it’s becoming more common to meet people online and with the rise of social networks, it’s only logical that romance would blossom between users of social media.

The proverbial pitch of social media is…”It’s all about the relationships.” Developing social media is all about creating relationships between brand and consumer and making genuine connections. Twitter is a great tool for this because it’s such a conversation based network. Twitter allows you to become invested in someone’s life and start to care about him or her. Hmm, sound familiar? Sound like dating?

If Twitter allows for these “intimate” connections online, isn’t it logical that this will be a place where couples meet online? There seems to be a much more genuineness to Twitter than traditional online dating sites. You’re following people that interest you. You’re being recommended people to follow according to your friends. You focus on the conversation and aspects of their lives rather than looking at their profile and gauging their job title and paycheck. You actually get a fairly accurate feeling for whom a person is before you’ve met them.

Perhaps I’m a bit biased since I’m currently involved with someone I’ve met from Twitter. Admittedly, we’ve never met. It’s not as odd as it seems. Because we’ve connected online and transitioned to long, meaningful phone calls there is the emotional investment that is needed in a relationship. The physical component of the relationship will be icing on the cake.

I never intended to use Twitter to find a romantic interest. But through my genuine interactions I found someone whom I’m crazy about. Love is so hard to find in the world, why not utilize all possible channels to find it? Twitter included.

Thank you L.A Idiot…keep us posted 🙂

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