5 Pieces Of Dating Advice You Should Ignore

By: Elizabeth Marie |

These days everyone is a dating expert! Your friends, your family and strangers on the internet are full of advice about what you should do when it comes to dating. So instead of telling you what you should do, we’re here to tell you what you shouldn’t do…starting with paying attention to any dating advice that sounds like the following five things!

1. Women should never initiate contact.  This bit of dating advice is old fashioned and out dated. When a woman expresses interest in a guy, chances are he’ll feel one way and one way only=relieved! Men feel a lot of pressure to be the ones who always have to ask a woman out or make the first move. When a woman takes the first step, it shows that she isn’t playing games. Which brings me to…

2. Playing hard to get is played out. Old school dating advice says that if you are interested in someone, you should act like you aren’t…does this make sense to you? Me neither. You don’t need to be aggressive or throw yourself at a potential date, but expecting to be chased and pursued simply doesn’t work anymore because soon, the other person will get tired of the chase. A more modern approach? Subtly let them know that what they are doing is working…and then put as much effort into the dating relationship as they are-if not more!

3. Be yourself. When dating, it’s always best to be yourself, right? Well, sorta. We all have aspects of our personalities that are best kept hidden, at least on the first date. This also means that you don’t need to share everything with a date-any past relationship baggage, poor decisions or private stories. Keeping things under wraps will not only add to your mystery, but will prevent you from scaring someone away in the early stages of a relationship.

4. Don’t rush into love. Friends and family who mean well might caution you when you share that you’ve fallen in love…on the second date. They might tell you to take things slow and not rush into love. While being smart with your heart is never a bad thing, make no mistake about it…you absolutely can fall in love at first site. Would it be wise to run out and get married to someone you’ve known for 4 hours? Probably not…but it’s certainly ok to feel like you want to! Love doesn’t play by the rules, so why should you?

5. Don’t say you’re into Football…if you’re not. This is just an example, of course. Standard dating advice says that if you are trying to get a man’s attention that you should adopt his interests and hobbies as your own. While it’s great to show interest in the things that your partner loves, pretending to be interested in things that you aren’t is a recipe for disaster. Not only will your date be potentially disappointed when he discovers that you aren’t really into horticulture after all, but you run the risk of losing your own identity-the one that attracted him to you in the first place!

What dating advice have you heard recently?