Should You Go Out With That Guy? Why The Answer Is Almost Always YES

By: Elizabeth Marie |


For as much time as my girlfriends and I have spent attempting to get a guy to ask us out, we sure do spend even more time agonizing about whether or not we should go out with him or not after he does.

Maybe you don’t know him very well, or in the case of online dating you really don’t know him at all. Maybe he asked for your number last Friday night at the bar and you didn’t think he’d really call. He did, now what? Or maybe he’s your sisters co-workers boyfriends brother and everyone thinks you’d be a perfect match.

So should you? Should you go out with that guy? I’m of the firm belief that if you’re single and actively dating or wanting to find someone special, that every date invitation could be the ONE that changes your life. What else are you doing on Friday night? Sitting at home watching Dateline and checking Facebook isn’t getting you any closer to love, and although I know how oddly enjoyable that type of night can be (trust me), love could be knocking at your door right now.

If you’re worried about coming off as “too available”, stop it. Guess what! You’re single, and by definition you’re pretty available. It’s awesome, if you let it be! There is no shame in accepting a last minute date invitation. What if, and yes I know this is a big what if, but WHAT IF Mr. Last Minute is the man of your dreams and you declined to meet him for a drink because he didn’t give you a weeks notice and a formal invitation? What if you pretended you had plans when you were really staying home alone and you miss out on what could have been an amazing relationship or at the very least an entertaining conversation and a free drink?

Let’s talk about the word “selective” for just a minute. I’m not suggesting you lower all of your standards and spend your every waking minute going on dates with every Tom, Dick or Harry who ask you out. I’m not telling you to ignore your intuition and accept a date with a guy you just are not interested in at all, and I’m definitely not implying that there is anything wrong with staying home alone on a Friday night.

What I am saying is that when you’re unsure about a guy, when you just can’t tell if you’re a match or not or when you are hesitating, going back and forth with your best friend about whether or not you should cancel on him, these are the moments when putting yourself out there counts the most. These tend to be the dates that surprise you, sweep you off your feet and make you believe in love. Why? Because you have zero expectations.

That guy who seems semi-interesting and kinda cute online? He might be hilarious and HOT in person and it just doesn’t come across online. The guy you met at the bar, the one you are tempted to write off as just a player? He might want to get to know you as a person and not a notch on his belt. Give him a chance, but more importantly give yourself a chance. We never know when we’re going to experience the best first date ever.

If he doesn’t creep you out, turn you off or annoy the hell out of you then yes. Yes, you should go out with that guy.