3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t LOL In Your Online Dating Profile

By: Simone Paget |


On March 24th 2011, LOL, along with other acronyms, was formally recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary. From texting and internet communications, to cat memes, LOL has become part of our popular lexicon with no signs of disappearing any time soon. However, just because the Oxford English Dictionary says it’s OK doesn’t mean it has a place in your online dating profile.

Here’s a few really good reasons why you should add “using LOL” to the list of things you should stop doing while online dating:

1. It doesn’t replace proper punctuation: I’ve been trying out online dating for just over a month now and I can honestly say that one of my biggest turn-offs (after bad-spelling of course) is lack of punctuation. When you’re reading through multiple profiles a night, coming across a huge block of text full of run on sentences and no paragraphs is enough to make your eyes bleed. I speak from experience when I say that if you want to capture a woman’s (or anyone’s!) attention, using proper punctuation and grammar is key.

With that said,  “LOL” is not a suitable substitution for a period or a comma. When I read an online dating profile that says something like “I really like going to the movies and out for dinners LOL” I’m just confused and left scratching my head and wondering, “Did I miss the joke?!” It’s way sexier (and less confusing) to just say “I really like going to the movies and nice dinners” PERIOD.

2. It’s ambiguous: Recently I was hanging out with my parents and some of their friends who are all in their 60’s. My Dad’s friend asked me “What does LOL mean?” When I explained to him that it’s an abbreviation for “Laughing Out Loud” he replied to me: “That doesn’t make any sense because a lot of the time people use it at the end of statements that aren’t really funny” BINGO. The term LOL is wrought with ambiguity.

Recently I broke things off with a guy via text. After explaining that he understood why I was ending things he texted: “BTW, Nice Boobs, LOL.” Classy! When I showed the text to my girlfriends there was confusion over what he meant from the message. Was he just being creepy by complimenting my ample bosom? Or did he mean it sarcastically, like “Nice boobs! Yeah right!!” ?! At the end of the day, the only thing that is certain is that I breaking things off was the right decision.

By the way, if I read in your online profile that you “like camping LOL and secluded places in the wilderness LOL” I might assume that you are actually laughing out loud (maniacally) as you write that sentence and that you are in fact, insane and probably looking to kill me. Just saying.

LOL, don’t use it. It’s confusing.

3. It dumbs you down:  At the end of the day, using abbreviations like LOL, ROFL and (god forbid) LMAO in your online dating profile lowers your dating IQ. To me they’re just one step away from “typin LyKe dis.” You’re well spoken and educated, so show it! When I see LOL in a dating profile, to me it signals uncertainty. Do you really like “long walks on the beach LOL” or are you not sure?! Decisiveness and confidence are a huge turn on. If you like to dress up and speak Klingon, state it clearly and own the heck out of it. The Klingon speaking lady of your dreams will thank you.

Would you use LOL in your online dating profile?

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