On The Rebound

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Hi, I’m Liz and I’m now a rebound girl.

Meaning, I like him. A lot. He likes me a lot. But he just got out of a relationship, a three year, messy, disastrous relationship that just ended, literally. I find myself constantly being there for him, lifting him up, making him laugh and smile and investing.  But it’s not always reciprocated. I told myself I wouldn’t fall,  I never intended to…the first couple of times we hung out I wanted to stab my eyes out with a fork because all he did was talk about her, going around around in circles and really, at that point-what can you say?

I wanted to say, “She was a horrible bitch and you are better off”, but kicking him when he’s down isn’t my style. I wanted to be his friend, and that’s it. We have history, we’re there for each other.

Now I feel like I’m straight out of the Taylor Swift song, “You Belong With Me” and I never thought I’d be here. Friends tell me not to talk to him, hang out with him, be there for him, but I can’t stop. Part has got to be masochistic, but the other part-I really care about this guy. If I’m being completely honest, I want to tell him that I think he hung the moon. That he’s wonderful. That I see us together happy, and that I would never treat him the way she did.

I don’t want to be used though-I don’t want him to know he’ll get what he needs from me (not physically), but emotionally, mentally, etc…heal, and then move on to someone else.  I need to pull the reins in a little. I need him to heal on his own for him to see things clearly-to see me clearly.

Until then, I’m Liz. And I’m changing my mind. I’m not a rebound girl.