5 Relationship Mistakes I Don’t Regret Making

By: Simone Paget |


When it comes to dating and relationships, I have definitely made my share of mistakes. However, I prefer to think of these missteps less as “mistakes” and more as valuable lessons that I have learned along the way. They have helped me learn what I really want out of a relationship and allowed me to get to know myself better in the process. Here are a few of the relationship mistakes I don’t regret making:

1. Dating someone while on the rebound: After you break up with someone it’s always good to take time to yourself to regroup and work on you. However, things don’t always go that way. Loneliness, boredom or a bottle of Merlot (or all of the above!) can often lead to get involved with someone right after a break-up. After breaking up with an ex, I almost immediately started dating someone who on paper, was his complete opposite. Although the relationship was fun at first, ultimately we were too different and things ended badly. However, the experience made me realize that I chose to date my ex for a reason (we had a lot more in common) and that in reality what I needed wasn’t a new boyfriend but to spend some time alone.

2. Having sex on the first or second date: There’s a common belief that hooking up with someone too soon into the relationship is a bad idea. However, I beg to differ – sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. There’s been a few cases where I have hooked up with someone early on only to realize that we were completely sexually incompatible. Although it was totally awkward, I’m glad I realized this early on before we both wasted more time on something that clearly was not going to work out long term.

3. Being the “other woman”: Getting involved with someone who was already in a relationship with someone else was by far my biggest relationship mistake and the only one that I actually regret making for obvious reasons -it’s just wrong. There’s nothing glamorous about being someone’s mistress. Although I thought I was “in love” with the guy, really I was selling myself completely short while allowing someone else have their cake and eat it too. However, the experience taught me that this is not something I want and I will never, EVER, get in this kind of situation again.

4. Taking a giant leap of faith and having it blow up in my face: Years ago I flew loads of miles across the country to be with the guy that I loved only to realize when I got there that he didn’t really take the relationship as seriously as I did. It was a huge blow however, I don’t regret making the trip. Sometimes you have to take a big leap of faith when it comes to love – even if it’s only to learn that there’s someone better out there for you.

5. Falling in love with the wrong person: Looking back on some of the people I’ve fallen for I can’t help but wonder “what was I thinking?!” That’s the thing about love – it’s not always logical. Although I cringe at some of the people I’ve given my heart to in the past, I take comfort in the fact that I’ve learned something from each relationship. That’s all you can really do: learn from your mistakes and have faith that they will lead you to who you’re meant to be and be with. 

Are there any relationship mistakes that you don’t regret making?