I Have a Weird Politician Crush and Other Confessions

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Sometimes a girl just needs to get some things off of her chest.  Since we’re all friends here and sharing is caring, I thought I would reveal a few of my deepest, darkest secrets with you…and then expect you to do the same in the comments, of course!  Here are a few of my confessions…

1. I have a crush on just about any politician I see, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with politics. Let’s just say that I’m definitely bipartisan. 🙂 I think it stems from my days in elementary and Jr. High school, when I would drool over the cutest boys in class getting voted “Class President.”  Not much has changed, has it?  While it might be taboo to say, I find something terribly sexy about a man in power, or at least one who looks damn good in a suit and can recite a moving speech.

2. I have a thing about having sex in cars. Meaning, I can’t get enough of it.  It’s so odd…once my boyfriend puts his car into drive I am like a unchained wild animal. This isn’t the safest little personality tic, and while he definitely enjoys road trips a lot more these days, sometimes my boyfriend isn’t super turned on when driving to the grocery store and tells me to settle down.

3. I’ve never kissed a girl.  I don’t know why I feel like this qualifies as a “confession”, but with even four year old girls singing “I kissed a girl” at the top of their lungs these days, it seems that I might be the last woman on earth who  hasn’t pulled a Katy Perry. Or made out with a drunk chick at the club and put the photos on Facebook, as I’ve seen many a friend do.  Kissing a girl is not something I’m against, but the opportunity just hasn’t ever presented itself.  When it does, I hope she’s wearing Dr. Pepper chapstick…yum.

4. Phone sex is sometimes hotter than actual sex.  Are you thinking-WHAT? I know, I know.  Allow me to clarify. Phone sex and sex sex do not compare, but there is something to be said about being on a trip away from your partner and drinking a glass of wine in the hotel room and calling him to say goodnight…and then…yeah, not too shabby at all.

Your turn! What are some of your confessions?