How to Write an Online Dating Profile

By: Elizabeth Marie |

If you’re using online dating sites in your search for love then you’ll know it all centres around the profile. A good profile can make the difference between a date a day and total dating failure. Comprising a handle, a tagline, a brief description of yourself and a photo, your online dating profile is like your introduction to the dating world, your dating début. You need to keep it short and sharp, whilst ensuring that it says everything you want it to say about yourself.

Whether you’re just setting up your first online dating profile or already have one but are struggling to get replies, this article helps to show you how to write a better profile.

When you sign up for an online dating site, the first thing you’ll need to think about is the username you’re going to pick. This is important, and says a lot about you. For safety reasons, it’s going to be taking the place of your real name over the course of your online dating experience. The best usernames are unique and reflect something personal about you, and may even be witty. Making it memorable and easy to pronounce helps as this is the name that people who view your profile will be using when they think of  you – it’s quite possible that the person you’re dating may even use it with you face to face!

After your username, the next thing that most users are going to see  on most dating sites is a tag-line. On most dating sites, it sits right underneath the username and next to the picture, as a vital part of that online first impression. Basically,a tagline is a very short space in which to express yourself, sum yourself up, and make people want to read more.

There’s usually space for less than a sentence, so be sure to be concise. You can talk about who you are, what you do or what you’re looking for. Since many people may not read further than this tagline, make sure that it highlights one of your more attractive features. Other people choose to use famous quotes, sayings or one-liners. If you can write something witty, thought-provoking and original then why not do so?

After the tagline, we come to the centre of your profile, the “about me” section. Make it exciting, talk about all the interesting and fun things you do/have done in your life. Where do you spend a lot of time? What do you like to do? What are you looking for in the opposite sex?

Get creative, you could write it in the form of a story (be careful with this one) or a poem (obe EXTRA careful with this one). Above all try to keep it light and interesting. Chances are, no-one wants to hear about your political or religious views just yet unless you’re on a niche dating site. Be funny and playful, remembering that someone on the other end of this has to read it. Try to make it as fun for them as possible.

Finish up with an invitation for them to contact you for some coffee or something. Before submitting it make sure that you’ve spell checked it: the easiest way for most people to do this is to copy and paste it into Microsoft Word and click the SpellCheck button.

After that, there’s not much else to do. It’s important to remember that when guys place their profiles on online dating sites, they typically have to solicit a response since most women simply don’t need to use the search function. Try “winking” or messaging other women on the site.

Don’t worry if you don’t get many responses at first: many of the women on dating sites never check their profiles, or do so very infrequently. Expect around a 5% response rate. Online dating can take time, so stay patient, maybe fine-tuning your profile to get better results over time. As I always say, online dating is a numbers game; it’s all about having the courage to get your face out there and have fun.

Maybe these dating tips will help you get started when online dating on WeLoveDates!

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