How to easily make dating part of your New Year’s resolution

By: Jamie Ann |

A happy aged couple surfing on a laptop

Right around Christmas, I start formulating my New Year’s resolutions. It’s time to start reflecting on the past year and what you’re ready to jump into for 2013. It can be a little cheesy to start throwing out all those adjectives going along with the new year, like jumping in or starting fresh, but it really is the perfect time to start fresh.

There are so many kinds of resolutions to make, but your social life is one of the most important to think about. When you’re maturing, it’s very easy to put yourself on the backburner and focus on children and grandchildren, but this year, for 2013, why not make yourself a priority?

You deserve love and happiness. There’s no reason you should be lonely or putting your needs to the side. There’s plenty of attention to go around for everyone and you need to be on top of your list.

Yes, at the very top! Let’s make a list. What are the things you’re looking forward to most in the new year. Is finding someone on that list?

While dating, or preparing yourself to get back in the dating game, think about the other things you would like to do the coming year. It’s easy to combine a lot of those things.

If getting fit is also on your list, you could sign up for a gym or even start hiking or biking. Activities like this are an awesome way to meet people who are interested in the same things. It also makes a great date.

If you’re ready to take up a new hobby, dating and new hobbies can totally work. Sign yourself up for a cooking class or a wine tasting class and you’ll be amazed at the people you meet. You may find someone who is your perfect match and you can spend your future cooking for each other or taking trips to different vineyards.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be a huge change. They can be gradual changes or just little small changes to your daily routine that can in the end, bring so much happiness. Slowly start making time for yourself by incorporating new activities into your life and who knows? Maybe love will find its way in there as well!