21 Ways to Say I Love You

By: Jamie Ann |

There are a lot of ways to tell a person you care. It doesn’t always have to be done with words either. You know that old saying – actions speak louder than words? Exactly.

i love you <3

1) Flowers. Yes, a little cheesy and maybe a little played out, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to receive flowers. It’s a guaranteed day maker.

2) Lunchtime notes. Pack their lunch for the next day and add in a little note with their favorite treat. Maybe it’s a candy bar or cupcake, but that reminder midday will totally make them smile.

3) Plan a day trip. It’s the weekend, tell them to get in the car and drive somewhere special. It’ll be nice to get away for the day and the effort it took to plan this will surely be noted.

4) Snail mail. Don’t you love getting mail? Well, besides bills and all that fun stuff. Even if you live together, pop a card in the mail addressed to them. It will be a lovely surprise.

5) Vacation time. Surprise your love with a wonderful trip somewhere. Maybe a beach in Mexico? Or somewhere with mountains if you’re up for an adventure!

6) Write them a love letter. Is there anything as romantic as a love letter? No! So grab that paper and pen.

7) Breakfast in bed. Pancakes, bacon, eggs and a tiny flower in a vase delivered by your sweetie is such a lovely way to wake up. Set that alarm for early!

8) Post it notes all over. Leave little notes in places they will be sure to find them. Imagine their surprise when they reach into their coat pocket and find a note that says, “you are beautiful”. Heart melting!

9) Get in the kitchen and bake up something sweet. You know he loves chocolate cake, right? Time to get your Betty Crocker on and whip up a delicious cake for him!

10) Couples massage. Do I need to say more? Relaxation with the one you love = bliss.

11) Send an email a day. Every night before you go to bed and after they have gone to bed, write a short email that has one reason why you love them. It’s the perfect thing to wake up to.

12) Change their wallpaper when they aren’t looking. Grab their phone or hijack their computer when they are away and change the background to a photo of you both.

13) Recreate your first date. Remember how you met? Pick a night, go that Italian restaurant, bring her the same flowers and kiss her outside the door, just like you did on your first date.

14) Bring out your inner Julia Child. Light some candles, grab a bottle of wine and cook up their favorite meal. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, isn’t it?

15) You love beer. She likes wine. Instead of grabbing a six pack of your fave on the way home, grab a bottle of hers. She’ll love you for it.

16) Hand over the remote. Yes, your favorite show might be on, but why not give in and let him watch what he wants every now and then. There is always DVR!

17) Do your least favorite chore, so they don’t have to. If doing the dishes is your worst nightmare, suck it up and do them one night. It will surprise the heck out of your gal and it’s one last thing for her to do!

18) Walk the dog. You know he never gets to sleep late on weekends because the dog is an early riser. Take the dog out yourself and let him sleep.

19) Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

20) Brag about him. Tell your girlfriends how wonderful your man is – it’s sure to get back to him one way or another.

21) Show her off. Take your lady out for a night on the town. Make her feel like the only girl in the room and she’ll realize how proud you are to have her on your arm.

And hey, if you’re not feeling too creative, nothing beats those three little words, so just say it: I love you.