5 Things I’ve Learned About Dating In L.A

By: Elizabeth Marie |

There seem to be two different camps when it comes to dating in Los Angeles-those who think it’s an awesome place to date and those who are convinced it’s the dating equivalent of the Sahara desert. Actually, these folks seem to believe you have a better chance finding love in the desert than in one of the most populated cities in the world. Having been born and raised in Southern California, and subsequently going on many, many, MANY dates here, I can tell you that I fall somewhere in the middle. Is dating in L.A easy? Heck no. But really, is dating anywhere easy?

Dating in L.A isn’t without it’s challenges, but it’s not impossible to find love in the city of Angels. Over the years, dating in L.A has taught me a lot-here are the top five things I’ve learned about dating in L.A.

1. Don’t believe anything anyone says…at first. I know, I know, I sound so jaded and cynical but L.A is a city built on pretenses. Most people here are trying to make a name for themselves and a lot of them are pros at telling you what they think you want to hear. If a guy writes in his online dating profile that he’s an “actor”, it’s best to assume that he works at Starbucks and goes to auditions in his free time. Is there anything wrong with that? No way, especially if you love coffee as much as I do. Just give the people you’re dating time to show you who they truly are.

2. Don’t date struggling actors and actresses. I’m sure you’re thinking “But actors need love too!” and by all means if you fall head over heels in love with one please email me and tell me how wrong I am. It’s safe to say that just about every other person you meet in L.A is here to work in the entertainment industry. Ever since they were a little kid growing up in a small town they’ve dreamt of moving to L.A and one day having a star on the walk of fame. And you know what? They just might. But in my experience, dating these types of people only leads to heartbreak. Why? Because no matter what, they will always want that star more than they’ll ever want you.

3. Get out of town once in awhile. L.A is an awesome city and there are always fun things to do on a date, but getting out of town even just for a day is sometimes just what the Dr. ordered. L.A is busy and crowded and with Orange County and San Diego to the south, Santa Barbara and the beautiful central coast to the north, plus beautiful mountains inland, there are so many amazing options for day trip dates that will give you and your partner a chance to connect away from all the crazyness (and traffic) in the city.

4. There are too many options and this sometimes makes people act like jerks. One of the complaints I hear the most about dating in L.A goes something like this: Girl meets boy, they have a great few dates, boy never calls girl again, girl calls me crying. Repeat, repeat, repeat. In full disclosure-I’ve been that girl on numerous occasions. At first, I just assumed every dude from Malibu to Long Beach was a complete tool, until I realized that there are simply too many options in L.A. Every beautiful and engaging male or female actor or model moves here, which makes commitment a bit tricky. We’re all guilty of thinking-Well, I like them a lot…but what if I meet someone better tomorrow? We’re spoiled, and not just in the physical sense.

5. It’s thrilling and so much fun! It’s not just attractive people who live in L.A The most driven, determined, talented and creative people in the world are here. It’s a melting pot of diversity, it’s rich in history and it sets the trends in fashion and entertainment. When you’re online dating in L.A, every date is exciting simply because it’s rare that you bump into a boring person in Los Angeles. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be kept on my toes than falling asleep in my wine. It’s an adventure, if you’re up for it!

What is dating like in the city you’re from?