Date 7 Girls Every Week With These Dating Tips

By: Elizabeth Marie |

We’ve all been there, hovering over the “sign up” page to a dating site, or rewriting our profile five times in five minutes. Perhaps, however, there is some strength to be found in numbers. Statistics show that there is a 50:50 chance that any one single person you know has an online dating profile.

In fact, with over 8 million people in the UK looking for love online, if dating is a numbers game then the odds are looking good for all of us. The growth of free online dating makes it possible for all of us to benefit from these statistics, whether we’re looking for The One or the one-a-day.

It goes without saying that the combination of meeting a lot more women with making sure that they all see the best side of you is a foolproof way to improve your love life. Using the tips listed below, we show you how to play the numbers game to your advantage online.

Top Five Tips for Dating 7 Girls a Week

  1. Get out there and do it! The first step to meeting more women is to position yourself where they can see you. Dating sites with a large number of members are good, niche dating sites are even better. Finding a dating site that caters to your particular religion/ethnicity/tastes helps ensure that your profile is only seen by people who might be interested in you, and increases the chances that someone will contact you.
  2. Use social networking for dating. Studies have shown that Facebook is in fact the most effective website for dating. It is easier to get in touch with more women, and to find people who are interested in the same things as you are. Facebook also helps you to establish “social proof” when meeting a woman. If you add her as a “friend” and she sees that you have a few “mutual friends” then you’re automatically a few steps above being a complete stranger. Alternatively is a cross between social networking and your own personal art gallery. Here you will automatically have a shared interest with the women  you meet, whether you’re leaving a comment on her artwork or vice versa.
  3. Write a good profile. This is, of course, a lot harder than it sounds but there are a few simple things you can do to make yourself more attractive in online profiles. Stay honest, but have fun while you’re doing it. An air of mystery is good, hinting that there’s more to you and your story than meets the eye. If you’re stuck for ideas, try writing down a list of your better attributes, as well as any passions and hobbies you might have. Weave those talking-points into a paragraph that makes you sound “interested and interesting”. Try not to bring up controversial topics like politics and religion, but keep it light and exciting . Most women are looking to have a good time on their dates with you, and your profile may be your only opportunity to prove that you’re fun to be around.
  4. Keep long phone conversations in between dates to a minimum. If you’re going to be dating the same people a few times but don’t want to commit then keep phone calls and emails short but sweet. Long conversations often give the impression that you are building a relationship, rather than trying to keep your options open. Have a brief chat, arrange the next date and then move on with your day.
  5. Take a great profile photo. Activity-pictures are always interesting. If you happen to swim with dolphins on your holiday in the Mediterranean then make damn sure you get a picture of it! If you go water-skiing, have a friend stand on the shore ready to catch the brief moment that you stay on the skis on film. To recap, the key to playing the online dating game is to let as many women as possible see the best side of you. Ultimately, whatever website you use and however you go about it, make sure to have fun while you’re doing it and you can’t go far wrong.

So now you’re ready to get started! Why not have a browse around and signup for a free profile.

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