Sex By The Numbers-Guys In America

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Esquire magazine recently published their 2012 Sex Survey-Sex and the American man. Where he’s having sex, who he’s having it with, if he’s satisfied with his sex life were all asked in the survey, and I thought some of the answers were worth sharing. Here’s a look into sex by the numbers, all about guys in America. All info is via Esquire.

34% of men in a committed relationship have cheated on their current partner. Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me-if anything, it’s better than I expected. There are good guys out there after all! 🙂

10% of men don’t believe oral sex counts as “sex” I don’t think many women do either…do you? I know I don’t.

Only 34% of men regularly wear a condom. This one was tricky because 56% said they are in a committed relationship and only have one partner. Just be safe, guys!

Only 24% of men prefer their partners to have large breasts. Ohhh really? Maybe guys aren’t into huge breasts as much as we think they are?

22% of men said they have had 20 or more sex partners in their lifetime. Sounds about right to me!

When asked what their biggest anxiety is when having sex with someone for the first time, men are more than four times as likely to say they are concerned with their sexual performance than with contracting HIV Gotta love the male ego! And hey, it works in our favor-he’s eager to please! But safety first, always.

Only 13% of men prefer woman on woman pornography
I never understood why men seemed to like woman on woman action, so maybe they really don’t? I think it’s something pushed on our society through movies and t.v, but in reality most guys don’t dig it.

Woman on top (“cowgirl”), man on top (“missionary”), and man behind woman (“doggy style”) nearly tie for favorite sexual position. This basically lines up with our own sex positions survey findings…although, I think guys just like sex no matter what position they’re in!

What do you think about these findings?