5 Ways To Bridge The Gap From Online To Off

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Sooner or later, all your online relationships will become real, or at least they should.  That’s the whole point of online dating, right? To get offline, to get real.  I was talking to my friend Jenn and she told me about a guy she met online, who was handsome, funny, intelligent, blahblahblah…they had a great couple of dates but then he ended up peeing in her bed. Sober. So that was the end of that.  Luckily, Jenn found someone else (online!) who is even better and would never urinate in her bed.


5 Ways To Bridge The Gap From Online To OFF.
1. Leave your expectations at the door. Life is absolutely ridiculous. The second I think I have it all figured out, it throws me for a loop.  You met someone cool online.  Just enjoy the moment without planning the honeymoon and naming your babies.

2. Recognize that the other person is an actual, real human being-not just a picture and words on a screen.  He has faults, bad days, and you might not see eye to eye on everything.  Look for the good in him.  Except if he pees in your bed, then kick him the hell out.

3. Don’t lose yourself. All those interests and activities and passions you wrote on your dating profile?  KEEP THEM.  Not only did they attract him/her in the first place, but allowing your life to revolve around your significant other is not healthy and nobody likes a stage 5 clinger. Keep your friends, do your thing, whatever it may be. Include him in your life, but never make him your life.

4. Don’t get caught up in Facebook drama. I can’t believe how seemingly rational adults turn into obsessed 13 year olds because of Facebook.  I’ve seen relationships ruined because someone wrote on another persons wall, or hasn’t updated their relationship status yet.  One of my friends gets mad at her super sweet boyfriend because he never writes on her wall.  I don’t get it…he’s in the same room as her, making her dinner, talking about her day…and she’s upset about Facebook!  Stop trying to prove something to your social network, and if you really have something important to say to your significant other, may I recommend saying it to his/her face?

5. Go with the flow, follow your instincts and listen to your heart. The only people who know what’s really going on in a relationship are the two people in that relationship, so turn the outside noise off.  Too fast, too slow, who the hell cares what people think?! Do what works for the both of you.  Key word however-BOTH.