Date to Date Not to Mate

By: Elizabeth Marie |

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Here’s an interesting thought. Have you ever imagined dating a man with the single, solitary goal in mind of just having fun in the moment? No future, just now. Can you imagine the pressure this might take off your shoulders where men and being a couple are concerned? Or if you have stopped dating because you really don’t want some guys baggage hanging around you 24/7 anymore, can you imagine how delightful dating only for fun might be for you?

I came up with the idea of “Date to Date Not to Mate” when I was starting to date again in my 50’s. I realized I was starting to dread dating men and all the crap that came with them. I was tired of men’s minor children, divorced guys with no money, or just average guys who were a lot of fun but a future just wasn’t there. That’s when it hit me, maybe I should think about Dating to Date not to Mate.

But, what not mate again? Not marry for a third time hoping this would be the charm. Not sharing a home with a man again unless I wanted to? Hmmmm. This was a novel idea. I liked some of those average Joe’s and actually had a lot of fun with them. Many were now my friends and in all honesty, I didn’t want to give up my relationship with them but I for sure didn’t want to marry them either. Yes, I liked this idea.

I know a lot of women out there who would love a companion but only when they want one. They would like a date for a wedding or event so they don’t have to go alone. As they have aged they find themselves having far more fun with their friends then they do on a date with a man. They can be themselves. They laugh with their friends and they cry with their friends. Their emotional support system comes from friends.

This emotional support system is often the reason many women give up on men in there 50’s and 60’s. They don’t need this type of support anymore from a man. Yet, as men age, they seem to desire the companionship and the emotional connection they can only find with a woman. Some of this may have to do with the hormonal role reversal where men as they age have more estrogen and women, more testosterone. So interesting isn’t it?

Here’s a suggestion you might want to try the next time a man contacts you. Instead of blowing him off because he doesn’t have what you think of as “FUTURE” mate potential, if he seems nice, why don’t you give him a chance?

Talk to him on the phone. Go out with him a couple of times and see if you have fun. The worse that can happen is you don’t like him. In that case, say good- bye and move on. And if you do like him, you just may find you have a new friend for life or possibly a true soul mate. Try dating for fun. See how you feel going out with someone just for the joy of it versus dating for its future potential. Then come back and share your thoughts with us below. We would all love to hear how “Date to Date and Not to Mate” works for you.