Online Dating 101-What To Do When You Lose Interest

By: Elizabeth Marie |

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When you’re dating someone new, most likely you spend a lot of time wondering if they like you and want to see you again.  Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to be wanted that we forget to consider if we are even interested in them at all!

After a first or second date, you might be floating in the moment of having been out with someone and have enjoyed the dating process and the possibility of a relationship.  As you keep getting to know each other though, you might find out that you were excited just a bit too early and aren’t as interested as you thought.

The first thing to do is to realize that situations like these are going to happen A LOT! Sometimes you’ll be the one losing interest and other times, your will find that the person you’re dating isn’t interested in you anymore-sounds harsh, but isn’t that what dating is all about?  Trying other people “on” so to speak, so you may find the one who fits you just right?  It takes time to find out if someone is the right fit, so don’t feel badly if you find that someone isn’t the right one for you.

Be honest and kind.  If you aren’t interested anymore, don’t stop answering his calls and go out of your way to avoid him.  Think about how you would like to be treated if the situation was reversed.  A short email or text message saying that you are looking for different things and wishing him luck will do…you don’t need to get into a long, drawn out and emotional discussion with someone you’ve only been on a few dates with.

Lastly, keep moving and protect your emotional investment-the more attached you become to someone, or allow them to become to you, the harder it will be to move on to dating new people.  Remember that your happiness is the deciding factor, and if someone isn’t making you smile from the inside out, it’s ok to keep looking!