Online Dating 101-What To Do After The First Date

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Welcome back to our Online Dating 101 Series.  If you’re getting caught up, past topics include:

So you’ve had a great first date, what do you do now?  The most important thing to remember during this stage of online dating is that a date does not equal a relationship.  Some people get so disappointed when they never hear from their date again, even if the date was incredible.  If you find yourself developing feelings for the person you were just on a date with, remind yourself that you’ve only spent a few hours together in person and there are still many other fish in the sea! It’s ok to be excited and hopeful-you’ve just been on a great date, you should be-but as always when it comes to online dating, it’s crucial that you manage your expectations from the beginning.

When you parted ways, was there any indication that you’d be seeing each other again soon?  The waiting game can be stressful, should you call?  Should you wait or play hard to get?  In my experience, the best thing to do when following up with a date you’d like to see again is to be patient and be honest.  Sending a VERY short email saying “Had a great time, let’s check out that new restaurant we talked about soon” is a great way to let he or she know that you are interested.  But be careful.  You don’t want to scare them away by expressing too much, too soon.

And then, you wait.  This is definitely the hardest part about not just online dating, but dating in general.  While you’re waiting to hear back from them or to be asked on a second date, keep your options open.  You aren’t bound to them, and are free to go out with other people.  There is no reason you should be sitting by the phone waiting for someone you barely know to call you.  Get out there and keep meeting people.  Online dating is a numbers game-the more you meet, the better your chances of finding lasting love!