4 Reasons Why Men In Uniform Are So Hot

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I think most women would agree that there is just something extra sexy about men in uniform.  Right ladies?  Even if he’s somewhat physically unappealing in “civilian” clothing, the moment he steps into his uniform, suddenly we can’t get enough.  Here are four reasons why men in uniform are so hot.

He’s Polished-For the most part,  men in uniform look pulled together and distinguished, where as some other men quite frankly, can barely dress themselves.  When a guy is wearing a uniform, he’s immediately telling the world “Hey, I’m pretty damn important, you better respect me.” and automatically, we take him seriously.

He’s Fearless-If a man is wearing a uniform, it generally means that his job employs some form or another of risk…and he’s not afraid. If you’re dating him, he’ll always defend you and make you feel protected because he laughs in the face of danger for a living (or so you think).   Sure, he might have a desk job at the police station, but you don’t know that.   Ignorance is bliss!

He’s a Hero-Is there anything hotter than a man who saves strangers lives on the daily?  Granted, not all men who wear uniforms have such dramatic days at the office, but women like to be proud of the man in their life. Doctors, paramedics, police officers…the list goes on!  And we can only hope they put as much dedication into pleasing us as they do to their jobs.

He’s Manly-Rawr.  No matter how independent they are, most women are drawn to tough, rugged men, at least sexually-guys who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, sweaty and fight if they have to.  These are the kind of guys who will take care of their women, which makes us wonder what he’d be like in the bedroom.  Oh my…

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