How to Flirt With a Girl

By: cherie |

Flirting is an important part of dating. How else can you get a girl to notice you? If you’re a guy, there is a delicate balance between flirting and being smarmy. If you’re wondering the right way how to flirt with a girl, here are some suggestions.

How to Flirt With a Girl

Compliment Her Eyes or Smile

Many guys notice a girl’s features, like the color of her eyes or her beautiful smile, and it’s a natural progression to compliment her on these things. But complimenting any other body part? A big no-no. Even if a girl has, say, nice legs, a guy is wise to limit his comments. After all, flirting is done to try and get a girl to go out with you, and you only have a limited chance to pull it off.

Of course, if you don’t notice a girl’s eyes or smile, then don’t mention it. Never give out false compliments just to get a girl to go out with you. Girls can tell when you’re sincere.

Avoid Being Too Sexual

Flirting is what you do before you are in a relationship. So limit the sexually suggestive talk to one of your dates. Never approach a girl with a sexually-charged vibe because she is sure to walk away.

Comment on Something Going on Around You

Flirting begins sometimes with simple conversation. Start out by commenting on things that are happening in front of you. Are you waiting in line? Comment on someone that’s taking a long time, the menu items, the weather, or give the girl a compliment to open up a conversation.


Flirting works best when you smile. You might be nervous, but make sure to show those purly whites. The old adage that it’s not what you say but how you say it is definitely true in the dating world.

Ask Her Out!

Have an idea for a date in mind before you even begin to flirt. It should be something simple that she will have a hard time refusing. Things like a coffee date or grabbing some lunch are good suggestions. Ask her out for an activity that will be short rather than inviting her to dinner right away. That way you both will be able to get to know each other a little better, and you’ll have an idea of whether you want to have a real first date.

Flirt Confidently!

The best way to get confidence when it comes to talking with a girl? Practice. Talk to girls you like and those you don’t. Learn how to easily talk to women so when you see that girl that knocks you out, you now know how to flirt!