6 Ways to Get Inspired in the Bedroom

By: Jamie Ann |

Fifty Shades of Zoe 1

Sometimes you can get into a routine in the bedroom. You know what gets you off. You know how to get them off. But it just doesn’t have that urgency or surprise anymore. Don’t just stand by and let it go from hot to not. Here are some idea on how to get started.

Send a naughty text.
You’ve been working all day. They’ve been working all day. It’s been A LONG DAY. Surprise your lover with a sexy text to get them thinking about tall the possibilities that could happen when they get home.

Revamp the room.
Buy some luxurious sheets and pillows. Think of what will feel amazing on your skin. Treat yourself to an amazing night’s sleep or lack of sleep!

Read a cheesy book.
Yes, something like Fifty Shades of Grey. Obviously it’s not great literature, but you might pick up an idea or two and you can have some fun with it later.

You know that incredibly steamy scene in your favorite movie? Act that out. Take on those personas. Bonus points if you dress up and really get into it.

Supposedly a purple themed bedroom will lead to getting it on at an average of more than three times per week. Those are some great odds, don’t you think?

Go to an adult toy shop. Together.
Get hands on. Find a couples toy. Learn a thing or two you may not have before. Pick up some new little things to help play out fantasies. Talk to the workers – they are usually very knowledgeable and always willing to explain and talk with you about everything.

Now those are just a few ideas. You know you probably have something cooking in the back of your head. Now’s the time to get bring those fantasies to life and have some fun.

How do you bring the heat back to your bedroom after things have been getting a little dull?