7 Signs He Likes You As More Than Just a Friend

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Sometimes, I daydream about a world where carbs are encouraged for weight loss and if you can’t tell if a guy likes you or not, you can just casually stroll right up to him and ask. A girl can dream, right? Since neither one of those things is happening anytime soon, here are seven signs that a guy really likes you, as more than a friend.

1. He follows through. For example, If you’re chatting on the phone and he gets another call that he has to take and says he’ll call you right back, guess what? He calls you back! If he says he’ll text you later that night, he does it. He doesn’t leave you hanging.

2. He’s helpful. Anything you need, he’s there. No matter what-A ride to the airport, help studying for a test, a shoulder to cry on he’s got you covered. When a guy likes you, his natural instinct is to take care of you, and one of the most common ways men know how to show their emotions is to help. So when he all of a sudden is eager to come over and help you put together your IKEA furniture, it’s safe to say he’s into you.

3. He listens. If a guy doesn’t like you, he’s not going to be first in line to listen to you talk about your job, your friends or what you had for breakfast. He simply doesn’t care. But if he does like you, he’ll be interested in everything you have to say, because it gives insight into who you are…and he likes what he’s hearing.

4. He tries to extend the date. You know when you’re out to dinner with a guy and before dessert is served he asks you if you want to get a drink at a bar around the corner or invites you to check out a concert with him the next day? When a guy doesn’t want the date to end it’s because he’s having a blast with you!

5. He texts you after he drops you off. When you go your separate ways after a date and he texts you to say goodnight or let you know he had a great time, you shouldn’t have to wonder anymore if he likes you.

6. He’s available. When a guy likes you, he has one thing on his mind-spending as much time with you as possible. So if you say you’re not feeling great and he offers to bring over some take-out and a movie, or if you half jokingly invite him to run errands with you for an afternoon and he agrees, it’s not because he has nothing better to do. It’s because he doesn’t like anyone else better than you.

7. He’s awkward. If a guy consistently acts weird around you, or maybe even seems distant and rude, it might not be what you think. Guys aren’t always smooth and confident, sometimes when they are around a woman they are falling for, they turn into fumbling, nervous, standoffish versions of themselves. Take it as a compliment and tease him about it later.

What is a sign that you are really into someone? Do you flirt a lot? Get shy around them?

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